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Sunday mornings are a good time for some deep thoughts on some shallow subjects and reflections on life and today is no exception.

First things first, life gets 1000x better once football season starts. Remember Pavlov’s dog experiment, where he rang a bell and the dog would want to be feed and start drooling? That’s me as football season starts. I hear the Game Day theme song and instantly I smell grilled meat and beer, as the taste of bourbon and peanuts creeps into the back of my throat. It’s a beautiful thing.

Thoughts from yesterday:

Now as great as it is to have the season back in full swing, this morning is bittersweet for me as a Va. Tech fan. What can I say, we lost, I’m disappointed. But really should I be? Watching Tech last night was like watching a rerun of some mediocre 90’s sit com on ABC family (think Saved by the Bell the College Years, same old hype, same old plot line, and same old disappointing ending where Screech and Zach get busted Bob Golic.) Over the past few years we’ve all seen the same set up, a team with very good athletes and a huge ceiling, carrying hopes of this finally being the year to solidify their status as an elite team on the national level. As Tech fans we get geeked up, as memories of 1999 float through our heads. Then the game begins and slowly but surely, those hopes start to fade, one missed tackle, one happy footed under trained QB, and one awful offensive series at a time.


Now let’s be honest, I didn’t expect much from the offense. Not only did Tech lose Evans for the year, they also kept Stinespring and O’Cain on the staff. Not to mention that Bama is dang good on defense. Last night made it very apparent that Tech has very little ability or possibly desire to develop the tremendous talent they do in fact have. To be honest I’m not even sure if Stiny watches the game. That’s the only excuse I can think of for him not running the ball more even after it was obvious Ryan Williams could get sick with just a little bit of a hole.


Pretty sure I saw this same type of performance a few times last year. Head down, arm tackling never, ever works. Just ask Cody Grimm how it feels when you dip your dome to early, that is if he can remember it at all. I get that they were tired, but when you get tired you fall back on your foundation. So Bud, let’s mix in some tackling drills this week so that we don’t forget how to get the job done in the second half next week. Oh and Cam, good call on not entering the draft. Pretty sure you saved yourself from working this season at a local rec center.

You know how sometimes in life you get down on yourself, but then you see a hobo and think, well at least I have shoes? Well thank you UVA for being my college football hobo this weekend. After seeing them lose to the mighty tribe,( wait can we still call them that?) I feel a little better about life as a Tech fan.


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  1. wahoo hobo. nice.

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