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You just have to keep telling yourself even though it sucks like a Monday, Tuesday, and tomorrow is Wednesday, which is hump day. And hump day is always funny to bring up in conversation in mixed company that you don’t know that well.

– The NFL is on the horizon, I can see it peaking over the mountains and I’m pretty excited and yet completely jealous of all of you who have jobs where you can toy around on the net all day playing with fantasy numbers. I’m not real big on making predictions for the NFL season because honestly you just never know whose going to step up and actually play, but I’ll give it a shot.

prediction #1 – The entire NFC east will do just good enough early on to make all of their fans think each team has a legit shot at a title. I even think the Skins will fair well early on, but in the end really on the Giants will make a decent push. My reasons for this are as follows; Dallas really hasn’t improved in the offseason, although Felix should be nasty, McNabb is still eating to much chunky soup and carrying a little to much weight to lead his team deep into the playoffs, plus Westbrook will obviously be hurt for a few games, and Washington is Washington and I own a Redskin doll named Clark Rypien so sadly that has to rule them out.

#2 – Deangelo Williams will get sick. I don’t care how much he shares the ball if you’ve seen this guy run at all since he was at Memphis and you aren’t impressed, you are either blind or a soccer fan.

#3 – People will talk up the Chargers till about November. That’s about the time of year that team will realize Phillip Rivers is a douchebag and it’s all down hill from there. Plus Shawne Merriman will have signed on for the Real World by this point. By the way, if you party with anyone and I mean ANYONE from that crowd, it should be Tec-Money hands down!

#4 –  The NFC North will be fun to watch. The Packers will be good, Bears fans will think they are good, and the Vikings will just be interesting as heck to watch. I really hope Favre gets to sport his wranglers on the Viks party boat this year. Can’t you just see him on there, with his dog, fishing off the side while Percy is toking it up and the rest of the fellas are getting lap dances. Let’s just hope someone cuts on their video phone.

#5 – The Steelers will fly under the radar and roll on teams once it gets cold, Peyton Manning will coach the Colts to an impressive year, and Eric Mangenius will cut the sleeves off all his Cleveland hoodies in hopes of becoming cloning himself into a Belichick double.

#6 -Jay Culter will still rock the used car salesman comb over and still have that hung over look at press conferences.

#7 – Carolina will finally realize they should draft a QB one day

#8 – Vick will have at least one huge play and all those people who protested him playing football won’t see it because they will be drinking 10 dollar cups of coffee while protesting the use of fly swatters. Meanwhile my friend Joey will curl up that night in his Mike Vick PJs and cuddle with his Vick bobblehead. (God Bless you Joey)

#9 – President Obama will wait until the day before the Super Bowl to pick the obvious favorite and claim he keeps up with the sport.

#10 – Anyone decent on my fantasy team will suffer freak accidents or just sick out games to piss me off.

Sneakly good teams: Seahawks, Colts, Packers, and Ravens.

Btw, Today’s smoke was a Quorum. Nice and only 2 bucks.


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