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Thought #1 – Do you ever get the feeling Brett Favre is making his best effort to create a sweet folk tail for himself? I mean first there is his amazing career, then the whole his daughter crying and saying “daddy just win the super bowl for me”, and now he comes out to remind us that he played last year with a torn bicep. And the Legend rolls on….. I just can’t wait until the day he spins the tail of the day where he solved a murder mystery before the game, stopped a nuclear bomb from harming the president, won a game on a last second through, and then wrestled a tornado with his blue ox, just before hitting the sack. I mean seriously, I know he’s old, but shouldn’t you have to be at least like 65 before you start making up tails for the grandkids? Sad thing is I guess not, because we buy into every one of them. I mean I say I’m tired of reading Favre stuff, but what did I just do, read Favre stuff. It’s not quite like being addicted to pain killers or crack, because there is no good feeling really or high so to speak. It’s more like heroin, you just keep going back to it and the expression you get on your face while its going on looks like hell.

Thought #2 – After consulting 100 8th graders about the Super Bowl, I’ve come to two conclusions. 1. The kid in first period who picked the Dolphins might should be held back and 2….my picks:

AFC:Colts over the Steelers. NFC: Packers over the Giants, Super Bowl: Colts over the Packers.

So basically just short of a Manning brothers bowl. What can I say I like good leadership and I think all those teams have it, plus you gotta step out on a limb for fun sometimes and anyone picking the Pats, Steelers, or Chargers this year is kinda just following the crowd.

The downside of this will be a record setting amount of annoying Peyton and Eli oreo commercials. Do you remember the one where they had the lick off? That was gross. I mean those commercials should be limited to female tennis and female soccer players, which by the way is the most exposure I really care for either of those sports to have.

#3 – Anyone else kinda feel bad for checking out the new women’s tennis star on accident before they found out she was 17, or was that just me? Kinda like when you catch yourself catching a glimpse of a girl on tv and thinking “well hello” just to find out later its Miley Cyrus. This confirms my earlier opinion that girls under 18 should have to wear bracelets or reflectors or something so I know.  Oh and the girl lost the day after she was kicked out of her hotel, guess the La Quinta just doesn’t sleep as well.


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  1. Superbowl picks.

    Steelers over the Eagles

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