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Thought #1 – Today I figured out exactly who Eric Mangini is. Mangini is the hot girl’s semi-good looking but not good enough looking to really date friend. He’s out there on the fridge, hanging out trying to ride off the coat tails of the hot chick but never quite successfully making it to his own full hot girl status. So just like that girl, when he gets a little bit of knowledge he holds on to it tight for the attention. It’s kinda of like when the hot girl’s friend knows who the hot girl has a crush on, but completely holds you hostage by not telling you. You end up talking to this friend way, way, way to much and she soaks up every second of it and can you blame her? It’s all shes got.  And that’s exactly what Mangini has done to the NFL this preseason, held us all hostage while he pretends to be making a decision between a one year wonder and a walking protein shake advertisement. All this in hopes that we will one day finally realize he’s been  brilliant all along and ask him to the sweetheart dance.

Thought #2 – Emmitt Smith knows the Cowboys are going to suck this year and he wants you to know as well. Let’s face it, Felix Jones is sick, but Roy Williams isn’t a good number 1 receiver and Tony Romo is the type of guy you constantly have to ask yourself why you think he’s good. I mean really, I can’t explain it. It’s like one day everyone just decided, hey let’s make a poster for this guy and declare that his a great qb. But then again, the dude does date girls completely out of his league, and thats impressive. As a guy we all want to make that jump, date someone on the level right above us. Dating above our leave, it’s our dream. Anywho, Emmitt’s got some good points and more importantly the jewelry to back it up. Plus let’s face it, over the past few years Dallas has just been Jerry Jone’s dog and pony show, this year should be no different.

Thought #3 – 22  Rebels have the flu. Good Lord Old Miss, I know you’re a little behind the times down there, but mix in some hand sanitizer. In fact if I’m a Rebel right now, I’m bathing in that crap.


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  1. We also woke up and realized that Mangini is coaching the Browns….yup, that’s about it…The Browns

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