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Thought #1 – Big Big Big weekend coming up. It’s the first weekend where I can dedicate two full days to football, and like many others, can watch my fantasy league team crash and burn. Unless of course I have you on the bench, then you’re going to roll.

Thought #2- The OSU-USC game is probably the biggest game for tomorrow, so lets all pray the Bucks actually realize they are playing this week. A lot of people are saying if they don’t it’s going to be a huge shot on the Big 10. I would agree for the most part, but for a second let’s think about the Pac-10. Who, besides USC, is worth a crap in that conference? Cal has had some flash in the pan moments, UCLA one or two, other than that really all they have is a team whose nickname is the Beavers and another team whose best known for setting a world record for disgusting jersey combos and more recently, a guy with a pretty sick jab. By the way, I don’t care who you are, a part of you thought that was kind of awesome. Dude talks smack, gets housed. Granted it was a cheap shot, but once again, it was awesome. Let’s face it, as long as Pete Carrol and the Trojan faithful have the coin to keep their players driving caddys and buying plasmas, USC will own a weak conference year in year out. Props to Mark Sanchez for taking a pay cut to play for the Jets.

Thought #2 – Michigan and Notre Dame should be interesting, I hope. It’s basically two coaches trying to justify their pay checks. I, like most of my generation, wouldn’t mind seeing the golden domers go down just because I’m still slightly pissed they aren’t in a conference. And it sucks that they have been awful the past few years but yet are on TV all the time. Thank you NBC for wasting numerous hours of air time in which I could be watching beach volleyball or one of your other wanta be sporting events. I mean seriously whats worse than wanting to watch your team play, realizing they aren’t on, but that Notre Dame vs. Army is?

Thought #3 – I hope tonight when Micheal Jordan goes into the Hall of Fame instead of basketball clips for this intro they show clips from Space Jam. Especially the one where Bill Murray joins the team and makes a sweet behind the back pass. I also hope he is wearing his White Sox jersey. Do you ever think about that and wonder if it was just a bad dream? Kinda like when the Falcons went to the Super Bowl or the Marlins won the World Series? You’re just kind of like, no way that happen, no freaking way Jordan did that or that Mark Rypien was a Super Bowl MVP.

Thought #4- Funniest thing I’ve heard this week was the announcers of the Steelers-Titans game comment that LeDale White lost all that weight giving up tequila and that maybe Shawne Merriman could learn a lesson from that.

Thought #5 – Hoosiers was on Verses the other day. Great movie. I’m always slightly disappointed in myself for forgetting how good it is until it comes on tv. Why is it that even though I own a movie, I will watch it on TV for 4 hours rather than put in the DVD?

It should be a fun weekend.


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