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Thought #1- Several great games yesterday despite only having one top 25 match up, but let’s focus on the big two.

Notre Dame losing to Michigan is great for one reason… I won’t have to listen to Dr. Lou and other Domers pimp the Irish as a national title contender for the next 3 months. Listen Irish fan, I know every time your team seems half way decent your beer goggles get bigger than Charlie Weis’ 5xl hoodie, but do us all a favor, stop talking, and go, watch Rudy, and cry. After that, get in a conference.

It’s rare that losing a game might actually benefit a college program, but Saturday nights lose might have just done that for OSU. Think about it, if the Buckeyes win that game, they get completely hyped as national title contenders, which would be well deserved. The pressure to go undefeated would be amazing and any slip up to a Michigan State or Purdue would be devastating for team and conference. Think about what a kick to the crotch that would be. Now for the good news, although they lost, they showed up. They showed they can play with and in fact showed that they could beat one of the nations top teams but with the lose, the pressure to go undefeated is off. OSU can now win out, win the Big 10, go to a BCS game,  and hopefully actually show up again.

Thought #2 – Whats the deal with sun visors? They look absolutely ridiculous. It’s like I wanta wear a hat, but dag I love my $15 hair cut, what to do, what to do. ooo I know, I’ll sport just the bill of a hat, which will allow me to still rock a sweet amount of hair gel in a wavy carefree fashion. Plus I’ll still look dag good in the post game presser. Yeah, thats hot.

I think the league should spend less time making rules protecting the quarterback and more time making rules banning sun visors.

Thought #3- I’m scared to freaking death of Serena Williams. For one she is ginormous, I swear she’s 6’8″ and at least 250. She’s like Ray Lewis wearing a skirt. Two, she is apparently a flippin nut. If you didn’t catch it, last night she threatened to shove a tennis ball down the line judges throat. The line judge reported that Serena threaten to kill her, which she denied. So she didn’t want the tennis ball in the throat to  kill her, just to make her very uncomfortable. Ah, You see I don’t know much about tennis, so you can understand how I was confused thinking if Serena put a tennis ball in my throat I would die.  Then again to be honest, if I saw her taking off towards me I would be on the ground playing dead anyway or stand really still and pray she thinks I’m a tree, so it really wouldn’t matter. She kind of reminds me of those Messin with sasquatch beef jerky commercials, you know the one where they trick big foot and he gets pissed and flips over the golf cart. The only thing in this world worse than a giant woman, is a giant woman who is pissed off at you and carrying a racket. So word to the wise, don’t play tricks on her, give her your beef jerky, and if she comes at you with a tennis ball, let her ram it down your throat, it won’t kill you, she promises.



  1. Laughed until I cried reading the stuff about Serena Williams…My favorite part was watching the line judge run away and look back at her hoping Serena wasn’t trailing her like a lion on a gazelle.

  2. haha, can’t blame her. Serena is freaking scary.

  3. Serena Williams eats teenage russian tennis stars…why do you think they have to keep producing so many yet the disappear in a few years?

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