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This week has been Hell. Last night we had open house, which was nice because I enjoy talking to people. What I don’t enjoy is having to be at school….. ever. Also disappointment the kid who picked the Dolphins to win the Super  Bowl’s parents didn’t show, I was really going to recommend him for Spec. Ed.

Thought #1- Remember last week when I mentioned that watching UVA football can make you feel better, even after your team has a tough lose, kind of like when you feel bad about your life until you see a hobo? Well our college football hobo just lost his shopping cart full of luck warm cans of beer and old slimy stuffed animals. Check this out:

There are so many jokes I could insert here, but really should we make fun of hobos? Sure they live under bridges like trolls and scary the crap out of us by standing really really close to our cars at stop lights with signs that claim they are war vets (btw I questioned the hobo’s intergrity on this simply because I don’t believe the last one I saw really was a Confederate vet, although he did earn creativity points.) All I will say is this; What are the qualifcations for the job as UVA’s mascot? 1. be able to look like a meterosexual frenchman and 2. be able to ride a horse. I guess when you get housed by William & Mary 1 out of two doesn’t seem so bad.

Thought #2 – Good news for Drew Brees owners, he got sick this weekend. Bad news, he ain’t going to be playing the Lions every week. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll have a great year, but just keep that in mind.

Thought #3 Did you see Posada’s mean elbow drop last night? Jorge was ticked off because he got throw at during an at bat and on his way home he dropped a mean elbow shot at the pitcher that would make every 11 year old girl jealous. You know how in high school when two people would get into an argument and people would gather around trying to instigate a fight and the guys involved felt like they kind of hard to do something but they were scared of getting in trouble so they just resort to pushing until it gets broken up? That is exactly what happened. Old Jorge was looking in the dugout, his boys were like, dude come on, balls up on this and do something, so he brushed Jesse Carlson with a chicken wing. The best part was Jesse being so mad about it, pretty sure he just didn’t appreciate the crap effort.

Thought #4 – On that same note, I’m sick of all the baseball purest complaining about fighting in baseball. Say what you want, we all  love a good baseball fight, fact. Think about it, I guarantee that’s the most baseball I’ve watched since the football preseason started. Good fights are what keep a way to drawn out season interesting.

Thought #5 – Leodis McKelvin fumbled on Monday night and cost the Bills a chance at actually beating a good football team for a change. After that Bills fan decided to go “All the Right Moves” on his lawn, spray painting dirty words and the score on his grass. Good call, nothing says I support my team like drawing a penis in another grown man’s front yard. And if you haven’t ever seen “All the Right Moves” you are totally missing out on a young Tom Cruise classic, go rent it. Plus, Hayden Fox is his coach, years before he was “Coach” which, by the way, is one of the most underrated sit coms ever.


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