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Thought #1 – Charles Rogers has officially achieved Maurice Clarett status.   Wednesday afternoon Rogers was arrested for drunk driving. He was found non-responsive at the time.  That’s right, Wednesday afternoon, not 2 am after a night at the club with his boys, afternoon, you know the time of time most of us are considering walking our dog, or mowing the grass. This begs the question, what time exactly does happy hour start at Chili’s. 11am? You know you get to throw back a few during the Price is Right, play a couple drinking games with the local lunchtime news, and before you know it, bam, it’s time to pick the kids up from school. Well maybe I can catch a little shut eye before then. Listen if that’s how the middle of your day goes, what the heck does your nightlife included? Oh wait, we already know, Charles “blows.” I was watching an old ESPN interview with him today and he constantly referred to his use of pot as “blowing.” Seriously Chuck, did you not realize they were filming you? Oh and by the way, how do you defend yourself against those charges in court? Um your honor, my client was just extremely sleepy from his grueling daily routine of blowing, catching sports center, and stalking single mothers at the park. Only one real conclusion can be made from all this, he will soon be picked up by the Oakland Raiders.

Thought #2 – Correct me if I was wrong, but I do believe I was absolutely right in stating that this is the year Carolina finally realizes they need to draft a QB. However I didn’t think they would address this need with A J Feely instead of a real QB. Look, John Fox, you have talent everywhere but under the center. I know Jake has done you well the past few years, but the dude is losing it. Go out, get something decent, and try to make a run before DeAngelo loses interest and Steve Smith gets old. I honestly don’t know why Smith hasn’t taken off already, he’s amazing and completely handicapped by Jake’s accuracy in throwing to the other team.

Thought #3 – The Miami Heat are going to put Tim Hardaway’s jersey in the rafters. That’s fine, just don’t put him back on Sports Center. I don’t think I can handle another segment of him listing the players that, “remind me of myself” over and over. Stick him over on the NBA channel with Gary Payton and let the two of them bask in sorry catch phrases while sporting flashy Obama t-shirts with sports coats.

On a side note, I find the Obama and family paper dolls to be a bit of a stretch. Call me crazy but I’m just a little to old school to support action figures of our political leaders. Unless of course he comes with a sweet kung-fu grip. Can’t for the Obama fat head to make an appearance.



  1. Heard an interesting stat yesterday too on SVP show. Jake has turned the ball over 9 times in the last 7 quarters of play (dating back to last year). Something like 75% of the QB’s in the league played a full 16 game season and had less turn overs. Ouch! Good writing as always Trav-man!

  2. Your commentary on the lack of real “umpiring” at Fenway Park would be appreciated…I’ve been waiting for you to tell my why I shouldn’t think the Umps had it out for the Angels.

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