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Thought #1- It has be requested that I drop some thoughts on the recent Sox/Angels debacle that occurred this week. If you missed it, the umps basically blew two very easy calls costing the Angels the game. Now, that part frustrates me. I know the league loves it when the Sox do well, its just good for business, and I honestly think umps feel a little pressure to give them some breaks. But what really bothers me when this stuff happens is the way the league and umpires act like the teams, fans, and media have no right to question them. I mean really, you are a professional, do your job. When you screw the pooch you’re going to get crap, so just suck up, say my bad and move on. That’s how things work in most real jobs. If I screw up a kids grade and a parent calls fussin at me I have to apologize and fix it. Although it seems to happen in all sports, baseball is by far the worst at it, which explains why they are the slowest moving league when it comes to putting in instant replay. Listen baseball, I get that you are old school, I get that there is a beauty to the game, but I don’t get this whole philosophy of human error being part of the show, or that umpires are the supreme rulers of the world. I mean, what does that even mean, human error is part of the game? Since when does effing stuff up remind anyone of the good old days. Get it with it refs and umps. If you screw up, expect to take crap from people, especially when its a meaningful game between two playoff teams.

Thought #2- I just got fairly angry, sorry about that.

Thought #3 – I’m pretty excited about tomorrow’s Va. Tech – Nebraska game. As a Tech fan I feel this is a really good chance to step up and make a positive step forward for the program. If the Hokies fail to do this I’m pretty sure it’s a one way ticket towards a mediocre season and yet another trip to a semi decent bowl game hosted by some random hotel search engine. Listen, it’s been 10 years since that national title run, it’s time to either become an elite program or just go ahead and reserve rooms in Orlando for whatever random bowl they’ll host this year. I know Tech has the talent, I worry about the coaching, but more than that I worry about the luke warm attitude that some of the staff has. Here’s to hoping they aren’t satisfied with stomping Marshall and actually put in some work this week.

Thought #4- The other big match up, (I use the word big in relation to media hype) is Florida and Tenn. Lane Kiffln has done what we all knew not to do in 3rd grade, he pissed off the big kid. In fact I think he pissed off the big kid who has a bad home life and probably grew up having to kill his own dinner. You remember that kid, he wore camo year round, carried a Dale Earnhart pocket knife, and was the first kid in your class to get busted cheap gas station porn to school. Yeah that’s who Lane pissed off. And by the way, your name is Lane, so good luck with this play ground fight and please don’t get blood on the monkey bars.

Thought #5 – Donovan McNabb got hurt already. Pretty sure I called this in my predictions and blamed it all on an over abundance of chunky soup in his diet. I feel like McNabb is that really good QB that everyone always talks about as if he is great. I’m not seeing it. I know he’s done some really good things, but what makes him great? Where is his great moment? Where is his ring? Last I checked he’s been to the same number of Super Bowls as Mark Rypien, won one less, and one less MVP. I’m not saying he’s not good, just curious as to why he’s always talked about in the same circle with other Hall of Famers. Then again, maybe I’m still just pissed at the year I blew an early pick on him in fantasy league, or the night I thought the chunky soup boasting sirloin beef tips was going to be good and not taste like orphan gruel, I’m not sure.

Enjoy tomorrow’s games. I’ll enjoy not having to go to my crappy day job, and by the way tonight’s smoke was a padron with a nice manduro wrapper. Good stuff.


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