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Thought #1 – One of the things I love about sports is how 2 hours of sucking can be completely covered up by 2 minutes of awesomeness. This was never more evident than in Va. Tech’s last second win yesterday. Make no mistake about, it was an awful game.  For the better part of 3 hours Brian Stinespring proved, yet again, he has the uncanny ability to stop any offense in the country. Tyrod Taylor spent most of the second half looking like a high school basketball player that someone talked into trying out for the football team, while Nebraska put on a sweet field goal kicking show. That all changed in about a minute and a half. I’m not sure how this happened, but something just clicked, Taylor hooked up while Coale, taking the ball down to the 3. Then after a brief 2 play return of the basketball player, which lost Tech 8 yards, Taylor found Roberts in the end zone to steal the victory. It was awesome and I have no idea how it happened, but thats the great thing about sports, I don’t care how it happened,  just that it did. I will say this, Tyrod didn’t win that game for Tech, neither did Roberts. What won that game was the fact that Tech was able to save all three of it’s timeouts until the end of the game and the defense was able to suck it up when it counted. They forced the Huskers to take 3 instead of 7 over and over again and the 3 and out at the end of the game was one of the biggest stands in Tech history. It was a great day in Blacksburg, eventually, but also a day the Hokies need to learn a lot from.

Thought #2 – The more people like the you, the more freedom you have to randomly babble in a forceful rant and people will consider you a brilliant leader. Yesterday I saw the Tim Tebow rant about 1,000 times and each time I left thinking, what the crap does “we have 30 minutes for the rest of our lives” even mean? I mean seriously, I get that you are the leader Timmy and you just want to fire your boys up, but that doesn’t mean you can just go Bernie Mac on everybody. (too soon?) “We have 30 mintues for the rest of our lives, Captain Crunch, monkey bars, lets ride dinosaurs and moon pies cause the price is right!” I yell that, you call me a jackass, Timbo does it, he’s a folk hero.

Thought #3 – Pete Carrol loses to crappy teams, fact. I’m not sure why but the guy just can’t seem to get his boys up for the smaller games. Is it his laid back attitude or is the kick back from a non nationally televised game just not big enough to spread the coin around in the locker room? I mean let’s be honest, one week a flat screen shows up in your locker, the next all you get is the first season of “Bones” and not even on Blue Ray. That’s got to be deflating.

Thought#4 – Florida State, thank you. You just saved me from hearing chatter all winter about how BYU should be in a BCS game. I know we all think that if this keeps happening with smaller schools that eventually we will get that long coveted playoff system, but who are we kidding? We aren’t getting that, and though its a cute story, no one this side of the Mormon tabernacle really wants to see BYU play after New Year’s Day.

Thought #5 – Delonte West was arrested Thursday night on weapons charge after being pulled over for speeding on his motorcycle. West had two loaded handguns and a loaded shotgun, hidden in a guitar case when he was arrested. Where the crap were you headed Delonte, the Thunderdome? Listen unless you are off to protect John Conner from the new Terminator with the liquid metal thingy going on, you have no business being that loaded. i just hope and pray you were also wearing a leather jacket with a lot of zippers and possible swing an old rusty chain.

Ok, quick thoughts on the NFL.

#1 – If your name is Jay or Jake, you better tighten up the jock today and play ball. This should be much easier for Jake, he’s got better weapons around him and is facing ATL not Pitt. Jay, man if I was you, I would just hand the ball to Forte and occasionally try and find Olsen in the flats.if you try and do much more than that I fear you are going to have to stay away from Wrigleyville for a while.

#2 – The Jets sure are a fun team. Rex Ryan is exactly what I would draw if I was making a cartoon coach character. He’s loud, big, and doesn’t care what you think. With Welker out, expect the Jets to blitz like crazy, which could effect old Brady and his ginger knee.

#3- Jerry Jones has tricked 100,000 people into paying him to watch his giant T.V. That place is crazy. Where the players enter reminds me of the old set from WCW Nitro. I just hope the boys come out to Smells like Teen Spirit Diamond Dallas Page style, Romo rocks the Ric Flair feathered robe, which would obviously mean Wade Phillips will come out to Dusty Rhodes’ American Dream. I mean he is a common man right? Man I miss the Nitro girls.

#2 –



  1. I wrote a letter to the usc football team, asking them to please lose to california so that the pac 10 can have someone else who can be overrated for the next decade.

  2. seriously they should share. I’d pull for the OSU Beavers to take that spot personally.

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