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Thought #1 – Peyton Manning is better at real football than 99% of us are at Madden football. In fact last night dude threw for over 300 yards is less time than the average game of Madden takes. The Colts had the ball for 14 minutes and 53 seconds and dropped 27 points on the Dolphins. Now granted the Dolphins played well, very well, but in the end they simply remember they are the Dolphins. Instead of pushing for a first down with a little over 3 minutes remaining in the game, they played it safe and ran the ball to line it up for three. Now if you have 30 seconds to go, that’s a good play and maybe if you’re play the Bucs, or Raiders, or Redskins, that’s a good play. But you are playing a guy who is about to pass Johnny U in all time wins and you just gave him the ball and 3 minutes. And what happened? Well this played out just like the video game would have predicted. You know how you have that one friend who is gamer dork? Or that one guy who lived down the hall in college that no one could ever beat? you know this guy, his sole sense of pride came from gaming, he rocks the xbox logo on his Scion XB, doctors up his controllers, and strongly considering getting a Legend of Zelda tat. Well this game was like that one magical time you almost beat him at Tecmo Bowl. Think about it, you have the ball, tie game and you think; I’ll just go for 3 and pray that clock flies. And of course you know what happened. Dude got the ball, you got nervous, started trying and sack him, pressed too many buttons just as he threw the ball which accidentally switched you to the cornerback covering his best reciever. He randomly dives off the screen, your buddy walks into the end zone and celebrates by pounded 3 straight packs of Pokemon fruit snacks and cans of some obnoxious new flavor of Mountain Dew. That was last night… only a billzillion times cooler and there were girls there.

Thought #2 – So apparently Colt McCoy ate some 3rd grader’s lunch during halftime of the Texas/Texas Tech game this weekend. McCoy, who was feeling a bit of the flu bug, reported through down PB&Js and grade pedialyte during the intermission. In a world filled with all sorts of Lance Armstrong endorsed energy products, ol Colt simply laughs in the face of Brady Quinn and his $5 milkshakes and breaks out the soup thermas. Btw, did your mom ever actually try to pack you soup in that thing? And if so did you ever try to eat it out of the cap like it was made for? One of the most impossible tasks ever. Worse than soup though was the time my mom decided to mix in some raviolli in that beast. Yeah, try trying to trade up at lunch when all you got to offer is some generic luke warm pasta covered in ketchup, what an awful day. Anywho, apparently Colt’s mom hooked him up the legit way, because the dude went out second half and went 15-18 attempts passing. Next week he’s hoping mom mixes in some zebra cakes so he can trade teammate Jordan Shipley for his fruit gushers.

Thought #3- The richest guy in Russia has just made a bid to buy the New Jersey Nets. Mikhail Prokhorvo, a former nickel mining baron, made this official today on his blog. The sad thing is, I think the NBA is actually considering doing this. Hello, did you not see Rocky IV? We all know what happens when the Russians get involved running sports. I mean can you imagine when guys in suits start showing up outside Lebron’s house, suddenly D-Wade comes down with a mysterious case of the bird flu, and the brakes in KG’s Lexus are suddenly gone? Better yet, what about when Brook Lopez and Devin Harris show up on game day having gained 20 lbs of muscle over night and all hopped up on riods and vodka? Never mind, this could be awesome. I just hope they stick Keyon Dooling on that crazy stair climber machine and constantly gauge how hard Josh Boone can punch with that computer punching bag. Memo to the rest of the league: start training in a barn or you have no chance this year.

Thought #4 – It is becoming more and more likely you and I could be watching a New York/New York Super Bowl. Now I’m still standing by my pick of the Colts, but heck if Rex Ryan doesn’t have the Jets’ D blowing up the league right now. On the other side, Eli sure isn’t missing Plax after killing it Sunday with Steve Smith and Manningham, which I’m sure eases Plax’s mind as he slips into his lace-less shoes and jumps in line for corn pudding this afternoon. Just warning ya, it could very easily happen.

Thought #5 – Someone please tell Golden Tate that tubas cost like 3 grand each, so diving into a pile of them is always a horrible idea. Props though to the MSU band for completely blowing him off and letting him crash unlike the Green Bay fans who embraced Chad 8-5 when he leaped into the stands on Sunday. This proves the something I’ve long believed; there are far to many people in this world willing to give up their own team pride and self respect to get 5 seconds of themselves on TV acting like a jackass.

Thought #6 – It’s official, I’m starting up the Back Porch podcast. Thoughts and suggestions are very welcome?


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  1. Ryan is just like his dad. This will be a fun season. Manning and the Colts are amazing. Great game. Cowboys lost I love it. I hate the Boys.

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