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Thought #1 – For all of us Cubs fans who thought Milton Bradley wanted nothing more to do with us, we can put our minds at ease or at least so says Milton’s mama. Milton’s mom says that Milton would love to come back to the North Side next year because he “eats, sleeps, and drinks baseball.” In dealing with parents I’ve learned there are basically two types when it comes to misbehaving children. Type A comes in and is completely embarrassed that their child has done something bad, takes the teacher’s side and promises to help correct it. Type B believes their child does no wrong and starts into the “well yeah, buts.” Milty mom is type B. “Well I know he pretty much criticized the ownership and management and ticked off a group of the most passionate fans ever, but Milty loves his baseball, and is sorry.” Yeah, ok, I’m sure that is why Milton wants to return, not the 3o million he’s due to make over the next 3 years. Listen mom, tell Milton if he really wants to get his friends back and not have to spend recess everyday with the kid dressed like a wizard he should try and hit better than .257. In fact tell him if he gets over 12 HRs next year Derek Lee will invite him to his birthday party, and I hear the Lees are renting the Whopper Hopper so it should be sweet.

Thought #2 – After Oregon lost it’s opener to Boise St. on fan decided he wanted his money back. Tony Seminary actually mailed an invoice of his expenses from going to the game to Oregon head coach Chip Kelly. So what did Kelly do? Cut him a check for $439. That is awesome. If this catches on though a few coaches better watch out. I mean there’s a good chance someone like Al Groh will have to finally take that second job at the mall working that little hand cream kiosk. You know the one where the really greased up dude is always peddlin his gear, asking you if he can show you how to increase the quality of your fingernails. Wahoo fan, you should be all over this. Get your shoebox full of receipts for Fresca and ugly ties out and get to mailing.

Thought #3 – Good lord I am scared of Miami. Granted I think they are ranked a little high this week, but I am very scared. I usually don’t get nervous on Thursdays for a Saturday game, but with Tech’s lack of late game tackling and Miamis crazy speed, this could be awful. Get to work Foster, I expect better.

Thought #4 – Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor injured his thumb during a fight that took place between the football and basketball teams this week and could be sidelined up to a month. Now a lot of people are very critical when teams get into fights like this, but not me. If there is one thing Ive learn from the classic films Necessary Roughness and The Replacements it’s that fighting is always good for a team. You brawl, someone jumps off a table into a pile, and you all end up dancing together in a jail cell. Nothing says builds team unity like that. This is how championships are made Jayhawks. Although to make it really work there is going to have to be some sort of luke warm romance, a accident with a mascot, oh and either an extremely unatheletic fat kid and/or dork is going to have to be on the team to make the game winning play. So get on the horn Kansas, get a hold of Scott Bakula and Kathy Ireland and we’ll see you in the title game.

Thought #5 – Pod cast should hopefully be going this weekend. Thoughts and suggestions very welcome.



  1. FYI Scott Bakula is from the Kansas City area

  2. Please make a segment on your podcast called: “Three things Brad Lidge actually did right this week” but only list one thing, because we know hasn’t done jack squat this year.

    • he hasn’t done jack squat i meant

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