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Thought #1 – Plaxico Burress was reportedly greeted by taunts of “a-hole” and “the Giants suck” yesterday as he entered Rikers Island. It was said that Plax was very depressed over this. I’m guessing dude expected more of a warm cup of coffee and hand shake type greeting? Now granted, everything I know about prison is based off movies, but I’m pretty sure prisons are kind of an unfriendly place. I’m also pretty sure there are two ways this entrance can go, you either get yelled at and taunted or you get whistled at. Plax, unless you packed multiple shades of eye shadow and lip stick in your carry on, you should be pretty happy with your entrance. All I can say is, start collecting cigarettes buddy, and try to stay away from anyone who has any type of pet in there, not only is it creepy, it always ends bad.

Thought #2 – The perfect storm is about to hit Philly on Sunday. McNabb is all but ruled out and Vick is completely available for the first time. The Eagles are keeping this pretty hush hush, but seriously, I give it about 3 minutes before Eagles fan grows tired of looking at Kolb and starts up the “We want Vick” chant. This is a mess waiting to happen and the only thing I can really guarantee is that none of those people who protested Vick playing will even see the game.I honestly cannot wait.

Thought #3 – I’m really glad Tony Stewart has finally got his head on straight. I mean really, did any of us ever really believe he was eating subway all the time? The guy is built like Mario. Put a sweet mustache on him and I’ll swear I saw him kick a turtle off a giant palm tree. Stewart has now chosen to go with a much more believable campaign in supporting the Whopper. Good call Tony. I can easily see you pounding 3 or 4 of those a week. In fact, I have no doubt you mix in the double Whopper and rings every now and then just to keep it real, oh and extra zesty sauce please.

Thought #4 – Now I’m not saying that no one has or will be Va. Tech to beat Miami this weekend, but so far I haven’t seen it. In fact all I’ve seen is every guru pick Miami and act as if they are picking a huge underdog. I’m not really sure how this works. You pick the higher ranked team and you’re out on a limb? I really hope Tech whips them, of course I also hope Jessie Palmer burns his tongue and can’t talk for the rest of the season. That would be excellent.

Thought #5 – It looks like the Raiders and Lions games will both be blacked out this weekend due to lack of ticket sales. So I guess if you can’t afford to go to the game during this tough economic times, the NFL has now decided you can’t watch it on TV as well. Nice NFL, way to lift the spirits of people. Well, actually, check that. If you lost your job and are kind of down and out, do you really want to watch either of these teams play? Maybe the league is smarter than I think and is just hoping you’ll watch a rerun of Roadhouse on USA instead. I mean it really could help you feel better.


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