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Thought #1- Tech showed up. They actually looked like classic Va. Tech for the first time this season. The biggest reason, they went into attack mode. Far too often over the past few years Foster’s defense has laid back, rushed only the down linemen, and attempted to pick off passes. Today they actually got after it. They did what no one else has done this season, they put Jacory Harris on his butt. Offensively, they were solid. When they ran, they ran north-south, and when they passed, it actually looked like Tyrod was making decent reads. This attitude carried over to the special teams allowing them to block one punt, but more importantly, they looked like they made legit efforts to block several others, rather than try for a big return. That’s Hokie football and that resulted in a touchdown. If they keep playing like this, I have a hard time seeing anyone else beat them this year.

Thought #2 – Miami was over ranked. Part of this is the media frenzy that goes into a giddy frenzy every time a Miami, Notre Dame, or Penn State start to look semi decent. Hence ESPN running constant promos about the “U” being back. Might want to wait awhile on that one fellas. The other part is the fact that Miami is this year’s ECU. There is always a team during the first few games of the season that starts off hot, kills it their first few games, and jumps through the polls like crazy. That’s Miami. What happens is after a few games other teams get enough game film on them to discover their weakness and beat their tails. Another good reason to not have polls until the 5th week of the season or so.

Thought #3- The only bad part of the game today for me was having to see Donna Shalala on my T.V. I mean seriously, I feel like I should be paying her a toll to cross a bridge or something. If it wasn’t enough that she is absolutely crazy, she also makes me think about all those nightmares I had about trolls as a child after I watched Ernest Scared Stupid. Freaking creepy. I mean the least she could do is mix in some pink hair that stands straight up and be one of those happy trolls girls used buy. I really hope I can get to sleep tonight.


Thought #4- Cal got rolled on by Oregon proving once again that none of us really watch Pac-10 football enough to have any idea who is good or bad in that conference. Every year we just kind of guess USC will be awesome and assume some other random team out of that conference will be decent. The most impressive thing about this game though, was that Oregon actually wore semi decent looking uniforms. Thank the lord they finally ditched the metal shoulder pad or wings look.  Just because you have the money to wear a gazillion different types of ugly unis, doesn’t mean you should.

Thought #5 – Al Davis is not only very greasy, he also is one of the grumpiest old men alive. The Raiders have reportedly attempted to ban former QB Rich Gannon from calling their games. The Raiders attempted to ban Gannon, who now works for CBS, from attending Saturdays production meeting at the stadium due to his recent criticism of the organization. Listen Al, if you’re going to ban every analyst who is critical of how you’ve buried that franchise, you’re going to have a tough time finding anyone to call the games. You need to spend less time worrying about whose calling your games and more time worrying about why you’re paying a guy to play quarterback who, as we speak, just put a bookmark in the Cat in the Hat. (Don’t worry JaMarcus promised to finish it this week and says he is excited to find out if there’s going to be a plot twist in the end.) I’m pretty sure it’s time for you to spend less time screwing up that team and more time thinking about your decision to wear those velvet work out suits. But I guess if you really don’t want Gannon there, you can always ask Tom Cable to go Mike Tyson on him.

Thought #6 – Coye Francies doesn’t like to be picked on. The Brown’s rookie cornerback went off on his teammates after being pranked earlier this week, throwing a bucket of ice and taking some swings at folks in the locker room. Now I know I’ve never been an NFL rookie but if there’s one thing I learned as a freshman in high school it’s that you just gotta suck it up when it comes to that freshman initiation. You get pissed and you’re on a one way street towards a year of frozen underwear, super glue in your jock strap, and possibly waking up at camp with some sort of dead animal in your bed. So good luck getting untaped from that goal post and be sure not to leave your lunch tray unattended.

Thought #7 – Check out the pod cast, it’s the pilot so it’s a little rough but thoughts and feedback would be awesome.



  1. By classic Tech you forgot about at least 5 late hits out of bounds per game. 🙂

    Miami is back in one sense that their competitive in the ACC again but not ready for the national stage just yet. I think they’ll be a bowl team this year (8-4 or 9-3) and probably finish 2 or 3 in their division behind the two Techs or just Ga. Tech. Their talented, but incredibly young which means big swings in performance this year and maybe next. I agree with the ESPN hype but I’ve grown numb to that because they do it so often in all sports.

  2. You need to come to Boone for an ASU game!

  3. completely agree. if only I wasn’t so bogged down with all this school crap. it’s lame.

  4. Donna Shalala likes girls (yes I that it a fact told to me by a few UM alumni) FYI

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