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Thought #1 – For all those people who think Jim Zorn is not on the hot seat, they might want to check out the blisters forming on the dude’s butt cheeks after today’s lost to the Lions. After the game Zorn mentioned that he didn’t really think about the fact that the Lions had not won a game in over a year. Riiiiight. Well Jim, you might not have been thinking about it, but I’ll tell you who was, every single Skins fan. Nothing about this is going to sit well in Washington and neither is Zorn. You can’t go out and barely beat St. Louis and then break the Lions 19 game skid in the same season and not have your job on the line. Be careful Jim, those wind pants probably aren’t going to provide much comfort in your seat, in fact, their is a good chance they Bears Seahawks Footballare melting as we speak and smell like a combo of old Chinese food and feet.

Thought #2 – When you’re season looks rough, you’re starting QB goes down, and you’re defense is constantly under achieving, what is the won thing you can do to completely redeem yourself? Break out some highlighter colored unis. Actually this is pretty brilliant. Think about it, you know you can’t possibly win with Seneca Wallace under center so instead of have your fan base see an embarrassing game, you go Oregon Ducks on yourselves and make it so that anyone who tunes in’s retinas are instantly burnt. Good thinking.

Thought#3 – I’m expecting the Redskins to wear a hideous shade of highlighter yellow next week.

Thought#4 – I watched a lot of football this weekend. I’m a fan, that’s what I do. Ozzie Guillen apparently does not share this same sentiment. Following a Sox lose, Ozzie went off to the media about his players watching “bleeping” football in the clubhouse. He scolding them for not caring and told them to get another job if that is how little they cared. Dear lord, it’s a good thing he didn’t catch Jermaine Dye texting or Konerko hitting up the PSP, good chance the Oz would have straight murdered them. What is it about having the name Ozzie that makes people act so nuts? It’s almost like it’s their personal burden to have to act ridiculous on a regular basis. They just wake up on a random Thursday and think, dag I haven’t flipped crap on anyone this week, guess today’s the day. Oh well, blaaahhhh I hate football!

Thought #5 -Quick NFL thoughts.

Who impressed:

The Pats run game, Fred Taylor broke out for over a century, which was much needed to beat Atlanta.

Also, Bret Favre is still Bret Favre and despite the fact I hate Wrangler jeans and everything they stand for, I dig Bret.

The Ravens are legit and have somehow brought Willis McGahee back from the dead.

Jacksonville. Once again, they fly under the radar and get a big win.

Who sucked:

T.O. – Held without a catch against New Orleans today. Makes you wonder how long Buffalo will put up with a non producing drama queen. I mean it’s like dating a stupid hot girl. You can put up with it until the looks start to fade, but then having to explain to her why there are buffalo wings, but she never sees any of them flying gets kind of old. By the way, pretty sure that was the hat from Caddyshack that you get the free bowl of soup with.

Marc Bulger – Got knock out of a game for like the 12th season in a row.

Pierre Thomas – Wait, but he had a great game right? Yeah, well thanks for telling me you were going to do that Pierre, had you on my fantasy league bench. And yes it is all about me and my team.



  1. first of all i have to comment on how disappointed i am that the steelers lost to the bungals…i know that james harrison is a freak and won the defensive mvp last year, but i thought troy polamalu should have gotten some consideration…him not playing proves my point that him being on the team makes all the difference in the world to that team…we need him back desperately…war troy p

    also i will have to comment on TO in a positive light…i know he didn’t catch a pass but in his press conference after the game i actually felt sorry for him…the media were doing all they could to try and get him to say something they could right about…war TO holding his tongue…

    also war jim mora jr. for ripping his kicker for blowing that game…i know it wasn’t very professional, but it sure was hilarious and what we all think when a kicker blows it like that…

    • The steelers will be fine, they just have to get Troy to quit doing head and shoulders commercials, such bad luck. Oh, and T.O. held it in as long as he could I guess.

  2. i think its time we stop flapping over houston and realize they aren’t as good as they seem to be.

    • Yeah, do you ever find yourself forgetting they are a real team? Kind of like the OK City Thunder.

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