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herschel walkerThought #1 – Lots of retired players take up second careers. Some sell cars, some coach, and plenty try to do some form of T.V., whether it be sports related or just horrible sit-coms. *cough cough Micheal Strahan . Herschel Walker has decided to spend his golden years rolling around with other equally scary men and getting cauliflower ear. That’s right, Walker at the age of 47 is joining the UFC. While I’m not sure why he’s doing this, I am sure every time you see him for the next few years he’ll be rocking one of those hideous UFC tees with that crazy sideways print. Herschel’s always been an unconventional athlete, but jumping into the octagon with Kimbo Slice might be a bit much.

Thought#2 – Tweeter is apparently the new crack. Rex Ryan benched WR and yearly fantasy league sleeper David Clowney after he tweeted that he was slightly upset with his playing time but really happy with the team’s win. Ryan’s pretty old school so I’m not sure if he was offended by what Clowney said, or just scared by the new technology entering the locker room. I hear he might ban digital cameras this week for the fear that they suck in peoples souls. Seriously though, Rex you keep winning, and you can do whatever you want.

On the college side Texas Tech coach Mike Leach has completely banned his players from even having tweeter accounts. This after he found out that Marion Williams tweeted that Leach wasn’t present at a team meeting. Not smart dude. It’s one thing to tweet about sitting on your couch, what you’re cooking for dinner, or which Laguna Beach chick you think is hottest,  but you can’t rag on your head coach. Leach thinks tweeter and facebook  are “stupid” and insists if his players need attention he has plenty of graduate assistants that will sit and listen to them talk. I really hope Marion takes him up on this. Can’t you just see some poor G.A. trailing him around campus like one of those little “fun” guys from the Dave and Buster commercials, trying to jot down notes of, “Marion is walking to class.” Marion is eating popcorn chicken.” “Marion thinks ketchup and mayonnaise should come premixed in a combination called ketchupise.” It might be rough to be a player on a team with a coach that strict, but it’s got to be far worse to be a G.A. for him.

Thought #3 – The Angels officially made the playoffs last night and went nuts, as do many teams, turning the locker room into a frat house. That actually seemed kind of normal for baseball, but what seemed off was their attempt to honor the lose of teammate Nick Adenhart at the same time. I talked with the local sports radio host here and he referred to it as seeming weird to him and I completely agree. I mean it was pretty creepy and kind of left me in one of those nervous laughter type moods. I mean here is a reporter trying to interview a guy about his fallen teammate and halfway through the conversation he’s like,” umm yeah we really miss him, but I gotta run….keg stand wooo!!! It was just odd.

Thought#4- Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson has officially told the police that Tom Cable did in fact break his jaw. The good new for the Raiders is that they are still cutting checks to the guy even though hes banned from having anything to do with the team, which is pretty consistent with their policy of paying people for doing absolutely nothing productive. Wonder if they can strike this same deal with JaMarcus? I’m not sure how all this will pan out, but really hope HBO does “Hard Knocks” in Oakland next year.


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  1. if nick hadnt been killed in that car accident he would have been right there getting doused with liquor as well.

    i think instead of that we should just say that pro athletes are wasteful and teaching children very great lessons (like when you get older, you’ll be so awesome that you’ll be able to not just drink yourself silly sitting on your couch but you can pour it all over yourself as well)

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