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Thought #1- I’ve always thought if you are going to get a tattoo, you’d best have a sweet story to go with it. You know, spend solid couple of minutes explaining your ink rather than being like guy that’s like, “uh, Fords rule, Chevy sucks! H-yeah that’s why I got Calvin pisses on em.” Or maybe worse that sorority girl who picks a random butterfly off those sketchy display cdeshawn.generalcontentmap.0006.Imageharts, gets it putt on her side and spends the next 4 years watching it grow into a blurry mess that resembling some sort of flying saucer. Deshawn Stevenson is right there with me on this and his new tat has a great story, its call the Civil War. Deshawn broke out the Abe Lincoln neck tattoo this week at one of the preseason press conferences. As far as ink goes, that’s a pretty tough act to follow. I guess if Lebron drops a Teddy Roosevelt on his calve, or AI gets a scenic Jefferson standing in front of Monticello across his back, that could give it a run, but so far Deshawn’s got this award on lock down.

Thought #2- There three things that I will never buy into no matter how much T.V. tries to convince me I should. Snuggies, The Tyler Perry Show, and the WNBA. Apparently I’m not alone in the latter. Last night Phoenix beat Indiana in game one of the WNBA finals, not really that important. What is important is that only 7,200 people attending that game, which normally wouldn’t be horrible except for the fact that Steve Kerr purchased and tried to give away 7,000 tickets on his own. I mean really, you can’t even give away a ticket to this game on a random Tuesday night. People are like, ah exciting basketball below the rim or catch up on whatever new awful series TNT is producing tonight. Hmm, well I do love Zach Morris, looks like Raising the Bar is getting a few new fans for the night. I’m just saying, it’s been well over 10 years now and this hasn’t caught on, might be time to cut bait and save a little on the light bill.

Thought #3 – I hope Obama fails to get the Olympics to come to Chicago. Granted the city could grow from the money, but one of the other places the Olympics could be held is Rio, which seems like it would be sweet. Then, on the other hand, maybe the Olympic committee is fearing that. I mean do you choose to lay on the beach, listen to some Buffet, and throw back margaritas all day or go watch freestyle dancing. Hmm, decisions decisions.

Thought #4 – Tim Tebow is reportedly looking good in his recovery efforts. He said this is the first time he remembers getting a concision, but then again how much can you trust the memory of a guy whose brain was so scrambled a few days ago he was telling people he wanted to be a dump truck when he grows up. Get well soon Timbo.

Thought #5 – Podcast #2. Planning on tomorrow night, which should give you something fun to do at work on Friday. Suggestions/thoughts/feedback welcome as always.

Thought#6 – Vick is not only back on the field, but he is also back with Nike. Sweet! Can I expect another sweet pair of cross-trainers? You know the kind that at first you think are really awesome and after about a week you realize unless you’re 10, there really aren’t that many places you can wear a pair of high tops with turf cleats and red and yellow lightning bolts down the sides. With that said, I can’t wait to get my pair.


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