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Miami is apparently now a state! Opps.


Extra thoughts.

#1- It’s probably for the best that Vick’s shoes aren’t getting made. I’m be informed it’s far too soon to start making jokes about whether or not they will have laces, or if they will have his name and inmate number hidden somewhere on them, or if can we can get ankle straps that look like cuffs on the high top version. Just too soon.

By the way. Need your thoughts: Best Athlete endorsed shoe ever and worst.


#2- Big Baby loves Shaq, fact. Big Baby is taking MMA classes, fact. Therefore is it reasonable to expect Sega to produce a Big Baby-Fu game? Please say yes.



  1. not to pile it on- but its actually Byron not Bryan… my guess is that you were still just glowing from Va Tech’s beat down of Miami and the words just sort of fell out of your mouth.

  2. Yeah, that’s the downside of trying to move through stuff faster than normal and having a SWVA accent I believe unlike the Miami thing, the more I think about it I really believe they are a state. Oh well, hopefully it was still enjoyable for ya.

  3. Nice Pod Cast, thought you talked in a much better pace. Some Funny thoughts. Good Luck in Rotohog this weekend. I plan on catching some people.

  4. i wouldnt listen if i didnt enjoy it dude.

  5. Good stuff Super Trav Man- the podcast is great. I have a nominee for best shoe. The Bo Jackson shoe. I may be partial because it was my first pair of Nike Air’s, but I remember putting those bad boys on for the first time, and actually believing that I could run faster and jump higher… Those were the days.

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