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erin-andrewsThought #1 – Earlier today it was reported that ESPN’s Erin Andrews has a stalker and the police know who it is. Now hold on, breathe easy fellas, they already caught the guy.  If you just went into panic mode wondering if the feds are onto your paper trail of Axe sprayed love letters you’ve been sending over the past 5 years, I apologize for the scare. But seriously, is there a better dream girl than Erin? I mean she is absolutely smoking and a college football reporter. I mean unless the character from “My Boys” comes to life (which by the way, is a pretty decent show even if it is a TBS production.) I’m pretty sure unless she comes to life, Erin is the full embodiment of the sports’ fan’s dream girl. Now I’m not saying it’s cool to start trailing her around town with binoculars and a high powered camera. Or to start randomly showing up at hotels where she is staying and leaving little stuffed mascots and musical Hallmark cards outside her door. Just be careful guys, its a slippery slope from cute love sick guy to creepyster hide in the bushes outside your window at nice stalker guy.

Thought #2 – For all the ladies who think it’s ridiculous for us to all drool over Erin, you do the same crap with Kirk Herbstreit, just with less Axe.

Thought #3 – Is there  cooler trophy than the Paul Bunyan Axe the winner of the Wisconsin vs. Minnesota game gets? That thing is massive. More games need cool trophies. The Axe is awesome and far superior to the cheese and fruit tray the winner of the UVA-UNC game will receive.

Thought #4 – By now you’ve probably heard all the disgusting stories of how workers at the cryonics clinic in Arizona played baseball with the frozen head of Ted Williams. The workers apparently took a wrench to Ted’s head, which was removed from his body. Absolutely one of the most horrible things I’ve ever heard of. What kind of people do this? Then again what kind of people get jobs at a facility in the desert, with the intent of freezing bodies to bring back to life in the future? And after you have that job, how do you ever apply for a normal job. How do you explain to a potential employer that you left your last job because you failed to bring the dead back to life?  Also, whose paying for all this crap? And why isn’t that money going to something more sensible, like umm the living? Listen,  I’m not sure exactly how Hell works, but I’ve got to think there is a special room there for people who go Saw on dead bodies.  Until then, I really hope Ted Williams’ ghost haunted the crap out of these people.

Thought #5 – LSU over GA, Ok over Miami, could be a very long day for Harris and Landry could go off. Also, USC will step it up against Cal I believe. I would hope otherwise but they already had their token in conference lose.

Thought #6 – Are there any better names for Quarterbacks that play in the state of Oklahoma or Texas than Colt, Sam, and Landry? You give your kid a name like that, and they almost have to live up to it. I’m sure it started when they were young too, you show up at the first day of pee wee with a name like that and you’re getting the red jersey. Meanwhile if you have any sort of hyphen in your name, you know, Jimmy-John, Billy-Bob, John-Henry, you’d better be good at two things, eating and blocking. Of course if your name sounds foreign at all, they are probably just going to hand you the kicking tee, sorry. But hey, you’ll probably get to go home early.


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