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Thought #1 – Chicago should be very thankful they got passed up for the 2016 Olympics. I mean did you really want to have to deal with all the construction, traffic, and confused foreigners that go along with hosting the event? Would it really be worth all that time and money just to have a chance to watch sweet Rhythmic Gymnastics or Badminton in person? Let’s be honest with ourselves at this point the Olympics are kind of like that yearly  family reunion. You know when you were a kid it was fun, you hung out with your cousins, played whiffle ball, and pounded tomato sandwiches like it was your job. Now you still go because you think you should, kind of sit around, talk about who is doing what, kind of poke around at the “new” casserole recipe your grandma saw on the cooking network (which actually just looks like noodles and mayonnaise), and then start the countdown in your mind as to when you can officially make your exit without seeming like a jerk. That’s the Olympics today. We all feel compelled to turn on the t.v., watch a few events, drink coke from the special multi-national coke bottle, and try to talk ourselves into caring about how we do as a country. But let’s be honest, that mental countdown is rolling the whole time and we secretly can’t wait until we no longer have to sit through swimming highlights on Sports Center just to catch the baseball scores. Now, just like that family reunion, we’re always going to show up, smile, maybe even take a few swings with the whiffle ball bat for old times sake, but the last thing you want to do is host that beast. The last thing you want is to have to sit and wait for that one uncle with no sense of time to finally stop rambling about how much Jimmy Dean sausage has changed since he was a kid and go home. Yeah, like I said, you’re welcome Chicago.

Thought #2 – All the people who think there was a conspiracy against the U.S. need to go look at some pictures of Rio in the summer and compare them with Chicago. I love Chicago, but seriously just compare them.

Thought #3 – So, how do you get a professional football team pumped up for a big game? Well if you’re Rex Ryan you show the most gruesome clips from UFC fights you can find and then make references to wearing down Drew Brees. Awesome, I can’t wait to watch this game. Somebodies going to get cauliflower ear, I can feel it.

Thought #4 – Despite what looked like a slow College football day on paper yesterday, there were a few really good games.  LSU-GA was classic, Mich and Mich St. was nice, Miami surprised me with their defense really stepping up against Oklahoma, and on a personal level, Va. Tech finally woke up towards the end of their game, realized they were playing Duke, and went on to disappoint the tens of fans who were their hoping for an upset. Oh, and Notre Dame barely beat another unranked team and was treated as if it was the biggest win of the weekend by the media. I love Rudy, but I hate the Irish.

Today’s Picks: Jets over Saints, Ravens over Pats, Denver over Dallas, and Pitt over San Diego. Washington and Tennessee both really need wins, not sure either will get them and I think the Lions will put up a decent fight against the Bears. Should be a good day.

More later…..


Even though the Ravens lost, I find myself really like Joe Flacco. Not because he’s turning into a stud quarterback, which he is, but because he reminds me of Shane Falco, which reminds me of Orlando Jones, which reminds me of those sweet 7-Up commercials. Thank you Joe Flacco, thank you.


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