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Thought #1 – Tom Cable is a man of his word, at least according to Randy Hanson’s account he is. Hanson has broken his silence and begun to share the details of his WWE esque encounter with the Raiders’ head coach. These details include Cable blindsiding Hanson, throwing him into some furniture, breaking his jaw, and threatening to “bleeping” kill him. Now Hanson’s not dead, but it should be pointed out that Cable never said when he would kill Hanson, just that he would, and francablekly, I believe him. I  mean have you ever seen a picture of this guy? He’s the type of guy that probably had a mustache in the 4th grade. You remember that kid, he was scary, he wore black jeans and ate those generic gas station meat sticks for lunch everyday. Rumor was he spent his free time burning stuffed animals and torturing baby birds. Now you didn’t dare cross this kid, and Hanson shouldn’t have dare crossed Cable, just ask his jaw how that worked out for him. As for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, he is laying low on this one for now, claiming to want the investigation to be completed before he acts. That’s smart Roger. Heck, maybe by the time they figure out what actually happened the Raiders will have been demoted to the defunked NFL Europe and it won’t even be your problem. As for Cable, he wants to let the legal process play out and claims this will not be a distraction to the team. I believe that. I believe the Raiders can suck just like normal regardless of all the media frenzy.

Thought #2 – The LSU-Florida game was not as close as the score showed. Watching that game you never had the thought that LSU was ever really in it, which shouldn’t surprise us, they were a little over ranked anyway. This does provide Florida with a straight shot at being undefeated by the time the SEC Championship game comes around. They only play one more ranked opponent before then, South Carolina at #25, and who knows if they will still be ranked by then.

Thought #3- I think the Tim Tebow concussion crap was completely over played. I get that concussions are serious, but I’m pretty sure they knew he was going to be good to go about mid week but wanted to play a little cat and mouse with LSU. The dude played a good game and the only real question about Timmy’s head was exactly how he keep his hair standing straight up like that. I mean everybody else gets a sweet case of helmet hair after a game while Timmy can still rock the perfectly angled flat top, how is this?

Thought #4 – Today’s games:

Can’t wait to see if the Broncos are for real today against the Pats. So far they have been this year’s version of the Cardinals, but their only really test has been against the luke warm Cowboys. Fred Taylor, who has helped overhaul New England’s run game is out, so that could benefit Denver, who barely gives up run yards anyway. This does make me wonder; what ever happened to Laurence Maroney?

49ers – Falcons should be a fun game. Both of these teams are probably better than most of us give them credit for.

In the battle of crappy teams Travis likes, the Panthers will have a chance to right their season against an awful Redskins team, who only have wins thanks to playing the division 3 squads of the Rams and Bucs so far this year.

That Colts-Titans game looked a lot better on paper in August than it looks tonight. The Titans defense has really fallen off the map this year and Kerry Collins is on his last few miles of tread I believe. Indy will roll on them and Peyton, well Peyton will be Peyton.

Thought #5: As I watch the Redskins blow another game to a team that has gone winless thus far this season I’m wondering; why do I always end up pulling for you Washington? You’re like that girl, who is completely unstable and slightly crazy, but yet is always willing to hang out when I’m bored. So I spend some time with you, tricking myself into thinking you’ll be fun this time and won’t be a waste of a Sunday afternoon. For a while things go well, we’re hanging out laughing and having a good time, looks like a winner. But then it happens, you start taking about your past and your alcoholic ex-boyfriend comes up. One step at a time the frustration builds and you start to lose control. It’s like I’m watching a slow motion train wreck and there is nothing I can do to stop it. The wheels come off, the tears start to flow, and I instantly become furious with myself for spending this time with you, rather than alone playing Madden. You are that girl Washington and yet I’ll probably see you again next weekend.


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