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Thought #1 I’m pretty sure 49er’s head coach Mike Singletary made Dre Bly cry yesterday. Over the weekend Bly got stripped of the ball while trying to break out some 1995 Deion Sanders moves. Following the game, which was a lose to the Falcons, Bly didn’t seem very sorry, in fact he pretty much just said he likes to have fun, so what? By Monday Bly had done a sweet 180 by the time he held a press conference apology. So what happen exactly? Pretty sure the same thing that happened every time your mom told you to just wait until you Dad came home. You remember those days. You’d been Hell to deal with all day, threw a fit in the grocery store when she wouldn’t buy you that Ninja Turtle pie, (you know, the one with the green ooze in it), spent all afternoon playing Contra, and successfully chewed, and spit out, every piece of gum you could swipe from her purse. When she said,”just wait till your father gets home.” You laughed, “ha I don’t.” Two hours and one a bright red butt later you showed quite a bit more remorse. Pretty sure that’s what Dre just went through, Papa Singletary took off his belt and suddenly dancing wasn’t so much fun. Easy Dre, suck up those tears or he’ll give you something to cry about.

Thought #2 – NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has come out and said they MAY punish Raiders’ head coach Tom Cable for breaking an assistants jaw while threatening to murder him. Ah, I see how this works. Coaches and players always have different rules I suppose. I mean didn’t they when you were in school? Didn’t your pack an hour football coach warn you of the dangers of smoking? Didn’t your baseball coach accidentally get dip spit on you when ranting about how you weren’t allowed to chew? And didn’t your basketball coach forbid going out to the after party while secretly, or so he thought, sipping vodka from a coke can? Yeah Goodell you MIGHT want to step in when one of your coaching is tossing his staff around like they were wrestling buddies. You MIGHT want to say something to a team of a franchise, albeit an awful one, who is dropping first degree threats on guys. MAYBE, just MAYBE take a look at this.

Thought #3 – The Golden State Warriors have asked Steven Jackson to relinquish his title as captain after getting in an outburst in Friday nights game against the Lakers. Question: How bad does your team have to be for Steven Jackson to carry the “C” for your guys? I guess the answer is “as bad as the Warriors,’ but still this seems like a stretch. You’re talking about a career 15 and 6 guy, who’s constantly shipped around, and looks like he should be doing local commercials for some low budget personal injury lawyer. Please tell just drew names out of Don Nelson’s hat for this.

Thought #4 – Chad Henne played great last night. And now for a weeks worth of coverage stating Henne as the next Marino. As my friend Nick pointed out to me today, Henne will be completely over hyped for the next week or so in a very Romo-like fashion. I agree, until further notice he’s on “flash in the pan” status in my book. Let’s just hope he can milk a b list celebrity date or two out of it before he fizzles out.

Thought #5 – The NFL trade deadline is in one week and Brady Quinn’s name keeps popping up. The latest team interested seems to be the Raiders. Pretty sure if I was Brady I would sooner just work at the student center back at Notre Dame, but that’s up to him. On the other hand, it would probably benefit JaMarcus Russel to see a quarterback who actually uses the equipment in the weight room for something besides a bench to sit on during his daily pancake power hour.


Thought #1 – Hobos around the world spent this weekend mourning the wasteful lose of hundreds of gallons of booze as 3 of the four MLB playoff series wrapped up. The Dodgers, Angels, and Yankees all swept their respective opponents over the weekend and then proceeded to jump around, hug each other, and shower themselves with various types of alcohol 13483518so much so that I wondered if I was watching a team who just won a first round playoff series or a Real World Miami reunion, oh Tek-Money what ever happened to you. Seriously though, doesn’t this seem to be a little much? I mean a week ago the same celebrations went down for simply making the playoffs, you’ve barely had enough time to sober up. And what exactly are you celebrating? Making to the next round? Show me the ring you get for that. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see the Celtics going Animal House on themselves last year when they beat the Bulls. Also don’t remember the Steelers popping corks after beating the Chargers last year. Listen, its good to be happy, its good to celebrate, but just like my 8th grade football coach used to tell guys when they scored touchdowns, act like you’ve been there before. So Major League Baseball, act like you’ve been there before, which by the way, you were last weekend.

Thought #2 – Why on earth is the MLB against replay? Two plays were horribly miscalled this weekend, both of which could have very quickly been reversed with a simple replay system. Are we still playing that “human error adds to the purity of the game” card here? How exactly does getting calls wrong make things pure? I mean doesn’t it make it kind of worse seeing how a guy like me can sit on his couch a thousand miles away and watch your professional umpires blatant mistakes over and over? That’s like saying we shouldn’t have an appeals process because it ruins the purity of our court system, ridiculous. The other argument is that it will slow down the game. You’re right baseball, Heaven forbid that a baseball game last 4 hours and 10 minutes instead of just the normal 4 hours. Pretty sure if I can tell in about 30 seconds that a call is wrong, a pro should be able to as well. Plus, am I supposed to feel good, even when my team loses on a bad call, just because I got to crash a half hour earlier or catch the last 15 minutes of CSI? Come on baseball, show a little effort here.

Thought #3 – If you are a struggling NFL team you know what you need to get? Some former Chicago Bears. Chicago is apparently playing the role of the set up man in the NFL these days, priming players, letting them sow their wild oats, and then shipping them off to get hitched by the next pretty thing that gives them a look. Kyle Orton threw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns against the Pats, while fellow former Bear and party boat expert Cedric Benson became to first back to put up a hundred years on the Ravens defense. All I can say is that I really hope the Redskins make a push to get Devin Hester.

Thought #4 – I know West Virginia fans have their own post-game celebration of burning large amounts of furniture, and while I don’t really get it, it’s your deal so I let it go. Now as for your pregame routine, I believe some of you alumni are taking it a bit to far. Hopefully by now you saw former Moutaineer fullback Owen Schmitt go WWE on his own head before the game Sunday. The guy looked like he had just come out of a cage match with Ric Flair, and this was before a single snap. Nice WVU alum, way to represent. Now enjoy watching your laz-e-boy go up in flames.

Quick NFL thoughts: The Broncos and Bengals are more legit than we thought. The Pats and Cowboys aren’t. Tom Brady is very worried about his knee. A Manning verses Manning Super Bowl is very likely, and I’m pretty sure Mike Singletary made Dre Bly cry, more on that later.

Thought #1- Question: What’s worse than dropping a routine fly ball and costing your team a game in the playoffs? Answer: Doing all that and getting popped in the junk. Just ask Matt Holliday who completely misjudged a fly ball the other night, catching it in the crotch rather than his glove. Now I don’t think there is a guy in the world who hasn’t gotten tagged at some point during a sporting event, but we all know, its all in how you react. Some of us choose to play it off as if we are made of steel. The downside of this is that if you end up throwing up, you’re probably going to be called a douche bag. Others chose to take the comedic approach and make loud whooping noises. Of course if you don’t accompany these noises with a few witty comments, there’s a good chance you could be called a douche bag as well. It’s a delicate situation to say the least. I will say that I appreciate God putting in that little 30 second window between the tagging and the sick feeling. It’s kind of like God saying, “ok you got 30 seconds before it hits, get some where safe, preferably near a toilet, trashcan, or at the very least an old Wendy’s bag.”

Thought #2 – Some people are already complaining that they are seeing too much of Kate Hudson on T.V.kateenjoysyankees during the Yankees games. I call those people idiots. Can you really ever show me too much of Kate? I mean honestly, did you see Fool’s Gold, good lord. I could, however, go with a little less Jay-Z, although he is rocking Harry Carry’s old glasses these days so its not all bad. Funny how the more popular you are, the weirder you can dress and you’re considered “trendy” not stupid. Guarantee Jay-Z could show up to that game in a snuggie and a cowboy hat and still be money.

By the way, I wonder what that conversation is like during the game. I mean what do Kate and Jay-Z talk about? “So Jay did you um see umm How to lose a guy in 10 days?.” “Why yes Kate, but what I really liked you in was Raising Helen, that was delightful.” Oh to be a fly on the wall. Anyway, thank you A-Rod for providing me with some happy moments between pitches.

Thought #3- I’m not sure if Tim Tebow will play or not, but I’m sure the dude wants to. I’m always sure that if he does and gets injured again, heads will roll. You know exactly what I mean too, people that haven’t seen a football game in their lives will be shouting from mountains about the abuses on student athletes. I feel like he will get to play, and most likely play well, because that’s what Timmy does.

Thought #4- I went to turn on my T.V. to watch the Va. Tech game on the affiliate station here that is supposed to carry it just to find out that the local station is choosing to run golf instead. Now I have nothing against the sport of golf, in fact I’ve enjoy playing the sport before and have mad respect for anyone who is good at it. But… on my T.V. when it’s football season is something I am against. In fact, have you ever noticed golf is always in T.V.? Who is watching all this coverage? In my whole life I’ve known about 8 people who have gotten excited about watching golf on t.v., and that was like middle of the summer Saturdays when its either that or some random Jackie Chan movie. I feel like golf is just hanging out there hoping and praying someone gives in and tunes in. It’s like that awful kid at the gym, who stands around shooting on the side goal, just hoping and praying that the guys playing pick up only have 9 or someone playing will roll an ankle and they’ll will be forced to give him a shot. You know this kid. He’s rocking running shoes, brought his own rubber Final Four ball that he got at Pizza Hut, and doesn’t have the ability to make a lay up, but yet he is there all the time, just wishing and hoping. Yeah, I feel like this is golf in the t.v. world, just putting it out there all the freaking time, hoping, by some miracle all the college football games get shut off and someone chooses to watch golf instead of TBS’s weekly airing of Hitch. Sorry golf, I like you, but I love football and Will Smith movies.

Thought #1 – Lebron owns the city of Cleveland, and Braylon Edwards, you are no longer welcome there. How fast was the turn around on this? What was it all of 24 hours after getting into it with one of the King’s friends that Edwards is shipped off to the Jets? That’s got to be some kind of a record. I guess its official though, Lebron is the one good thing that city has going for it sports wise and the heck if they are going to let a guy who dropped 39 balls last year mess that up. Now Lebron, what can you do about Mangini?

Thought #2 – The best part of that whole exchange, which I should have guessed it would be, was Rex Ryan’s interview. Rex stressed that Braylon would be able to relax and have a good time as a Jet and that would really help him out on the field. So wait, dude has slide in two years from one of the best receivers to a guy who could barely catch the swine flu if he was trapped in a suana with the Ole Miss football team, is currently under investigation for a bar fight, and your main concern is him relax and having a good time? I think if I was you, my main concern would be getting my hands on some of that gunk Orlando Jones had all over his hands in the Replacements not making sure Braylon knows how to relax, pretty sure he’s been doing a darn good job of that in Cleveland for a while now.

Thought #3 – When all else fails, M.C. Hammer will come and bail you out. This year’s biggest rookie hold out, Michael Crabtree, finally signed with the 49ers this morning thanks to a little help from a guy in some sweet golden parachute pants. Maybe he was finally able to make it clear to Crabtree that no play = no pay, and with the possibility of a hold out in the near future it could be quite some time for Mike got another chance at a pay check. Head Coach Mike Singletary said it was a “fair deal” for both sides, while Hammer simply said “you got to pray just to make it today.” I really hope Hammer showed up to that meeting with the giant golden “H” chain on and the sports coat with the giant shoulder pads in it. Nothing says you mean business like that.p1_sanders

Thought #4- Speaking of gold chains and former rap “stars,”  apparently hanging out with Deion Sanders isn’t as cool as it used to be. Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant has been ruled ineligible for this season after lying about going to Sanders home and working out with him. That’s embarrassing Prime Time. Dez basically just gave you a pity jog, then denied it. Yup, you’re officially that old guy at the rec, trying to slide in and lift with the young guys from local high school, mean while creeping all the high school girls out by being a little helpful in your demonstration of proper squat techniques. Granted, Dez shouldn’t have lied about spending time with you, but he was still in the running for homecoming court at that point, so I understand where he was coming from.

Thought #5 – Pod cast tomorrow hopefully. A look back, a look ahead, and we’ll pitch the suggestions from shoes. Will Karl’s L.A. Lights make a run? Or will it be Shawn Kemp’s Reebok? We shall see.

Thought #1 – ESPN is officially starting their “30 for 30” series tonight with a film on Wayne Gretzky’s exit from the Edmonton. Now granted outside of the month after each Mighty Ducks movie came out, I’ve never really paid attention to hockey. You remember those days, we all bought roller blades and plastic street pucks. You probably even bragged to your fprostarsriends that you could shoot a knuckle puck, and talked about dekeing (sp?)like you had a clue what the heck it meant. (Lord knows I did.) But the bottom line is that despite never watching a hockey game, we all loved Wayne, he was our token hockey star, and we ever hung up that mini poster we bought at the book fair to prove it. I can’t tell you many stats on the great, but I can tell you his most impressive feat to me, being a Pro Star. When he joined forces with Bo Jackson and Michael Jordan to fight crime, that was magic. Least we forget, he also had rocket powered roller blades. Awesome! He truly was the great one.

Thought #2- Is Bobby Bowden going to retire? I doubt it. I think he’s actually passed that “enjoy a nice retirement” age, where you leave your job, buy a boat, and start taking in the early bird T-Bone for half price. No, he passed that long ago and entered the “going work till you die one day on the job” age bracket. I mean if Bobby retires, what’s he going to do? Fish? Golf? Walk circles around the mall in matching FSU windsuits with his wife? Yeah, no way, not Bobby. Guys like him and Jo Pa, the day they walk away from coaching, they just keep on walking up towards Heaven. So FSU fan, you better just suck it up, cause I don’t think Bobby is ready for heaven just yet and you darn sure ain’t going to fire him.

Thought #3-The SEC has officially apologized for the excessive celebration penalties in the LSU-GA game on Saturday. I’ll be honest, until today I thought I was just missing the highlight of the penalty itself. I mean I kept watching and watching and I saw a guy jump, and I saw a guy hug another guy, and I really thought I was just catching the wrong clips. Am I wrong or didn’t we go through this same mess last year in the Pac 10? Why do we care if people celebrate anyway? So what, a guy scores and gets excited, maybe even pumps his fist or does a little dance, so what? I mean obviously we kind of like it, if it’s a good dance we’ll surly talk about on the ride home and then of course we will try to mimic it at Thanksgiving when we score on our 12 year old cousins.  It’s stupid to change a game over something like this, but thanks for the thought SEC. Thanks for the nice note and stuffed mini bulldog you sent. Season’s kinda screwed, but all better now.

Thoughts about last night:

Brett Farve is still Bret Farve, at least for the first part of the year. Let’s not forget he did this last year too. He had an amazing week 4 last year, 6 touchdowns in fact, but he’s body just couldn’t hang in there for the long run. At least Berrian is healthy again, the deep ball threat should be a help for Brett, although could it get the best of him? Hmm.

Rogers is a very good quarterback but it’s hard to play on your butt. Seriously Green Bay line, I know you’re banged up, but 8 sacks is ridiculous.

And by the way, Jarad Allen got 4.5 of those on his own. That’s one dude Packers. One dude who you knew was going to tear it up going into that game and you let him run wild. Granted, he has a mullet, and those are intimidating, so I can’t blame you but so much.

Update: The Bo Jackson Nike cross trainers have been nominated by James for best shoe. Good call on those, I really miss all that “Bo knows” stuff, and the K-mart knock off “Moe knows” with pictures of Moe from the 3 stooges.

Thought #1 – Tom Brady got told to take his skirt off this weekend and I have to agree. Brady whined his way into getting two horrible rougher the passer penalties in their defeat of the Ravens yesterday. Now, granted those penalties didn’t turn Mark Clayton’s hands to stone, and Brady didn’t make up the rule (although he darn sure was part of the reason for it’s Tom Brady Crybabycreation.) but Brady did a great impression of the kid from your neighborhood who calls carrying the ball or illegal screens during pick up basketball games. You know that kid, he causes encroachment penalties when you go throw the football around at Thanksgiving and takes a walk during softball games at picnics. This is also the kid from school who always reminded the teacher that she left some of the spelling words on the board just as she was about to pass out the spelling test. I hate that kid. You hate that kid. Well that was Brady yesterday, “Ref, ref, isn’t that a penalty? I mean that guy almost touched me and it clearly states in the new NFL rules, Tom Brady shall not be touched.” I know you didn’t make the rule, but you didn’t have be the whistle blower.  Tom, you are not invited to my picnic.

Thought #2 – The Manning brothers are awesome, although Eli’s flaw is that I drafted him on my fantasy league team. For that he is now suffering from some strange random, Travis Williams- esque injury to his heal.

Thought #3- Not only are the Browns always on a quest to find new interesting ways to lose games, they also find new interesting ways to stay in the news. This week stars the highly overrated Braylon Edwards who spent his evening, following his catchless performance in the Browns’ tanking against the Bengals, punching one of Lebron James’s friends in the eye. Apparently there is a little jealousy there. Perhaps it’s the whole successful highly drafted athlete verses a highly drafted bust? Nice to see Braylon attempt to drag Cleveland’s one bright spot into the trailor park of suckyness that the Browns and Indians are living in.  All I know is that if I’m Lebron, I would strongly consider getting out of Cleveland before it rubbed off on me. That Drew Carey shaped stain is hard to scrub out.

Thought #4 – Tony Romo apparently has not played any Madden over the past 10 years. If he had, he would know you don’t through at Champ Baily. Can we officially go ahead and say the Cowboys aren’t that good? Can we finally say that Romo is just average on most days? Why are we so hesitant to do this? And why hasn’t he started dating someone really hot so I have someone to gawk at between plays?

Thought #5 – The Broncos are good, but really played anyone good yet. Granted they held the Cowboys running game down fairly well, but they were pretty injury hampered. It will be interesting to see how they new over the next few games.

Thought #6 – Still need more suggestions for shoes. Suggestions for bests: The Space Jam Jordans and the original Penny’s. Worst: Shawn Kemp’s and the Kobe Potato loafers.

Thought #7 – I think  Rogers has a nice tonight and Favre goes a little gunslinger on himself. If the Packers can even slightly contain Peterson they should have a decent shot. I like the Packers in a close one, but it should be interesting.

Update: So Bret did go gunslinger, Rogers played good too, but unfortunately no one informed the Packers O-line as to the their job expectations. I’m guessing they just skimmed that whole blocking section of the contract. 8 sacks? 4.5 by Allen alone? Geez.

Thought #1 – For all those people who think Jim Zorn is not on the hot seat, they might want to check out the blisters forming on the dude’s butt cheeks after today’s lost to the Lions. After the game Zorn mentioned that he didn’t really think about the fact that the Lions had not won a game in over a year. Riiiiight. Well Jim, you might not have been thinking about it, but I’ll tell you who was, every single Skins fan. Nothing about this is going to sit well in Washington and neither is Zorn. You can’t go out and barely beat St. Louis and then break the Lions 19 game skid in the same season and not have your job on the line. Be careful Jim, those wind pants probably aren’t going to provide much comfort in your seat, in fact, their is a good chance they Bears Seahawks Footballare melting as we speak and smell like a combo of old Chinese food and feet.

Thought #2 – When you’re season looks rough, you’re starting QB goes down, and you’re defense is constantly under achieving, what is the won thing you can do to completely redeem yourself? Break out some highlighter colored unis. Actually this is pretty brilliant. Think about it, you know you can’t possibly win with Seneca Wallace under center so instead of have your fan base see an embarrassing game, you go Oregon Ducks on yourselves and make it so that anyone who tunes in’s retinas are instantly burnt. Good thinking.

Thought#3 – I’m expecting the Redskins to wear a hideous shade of highlighter yellow next week.

Thought#4 – I watched a lot of football this weekend. I’m a fan, that’s what I do. Ozzie Guillen apparently does not share this same sentiment. Following a Sox lose, Ozzie went off to the media about his players watching “bleeping” football in the clubhouse. He scolding them for not caring and told them to get another job if that is how little they cared. Dear lord, it’s a good thing he didn’t catch Jermaine Dye texting or Konerko hitting up the PSP, good chance the Oz would have straight murdered them. What is it about having the name Ozzie that makes people act so nuts? It’s almost like it’s their personal burden to have to act ridiculous on a regular basis. They just wake up on a random Thursday and think, dag I haven’t flipped crap on anyone this week, guess today’s the day. Oh well, blaaahhhh I hate football!

Thought #5 -Quick NFL thoughts.

Who impressed:

The Pats run game, Fred Taylor broke out for over a century, which was much needed to beat Atlanta.

Also, Bret Favre is still Bret Favre and despite the fact I hate Wrangler jeans and everything they stand for, I dig Bret.

The Ravens are legit and have somehow brought Willis McGahee back from the dead.

Jacksonville. Once again, they fly under the radar and get a big win.

Who sucked:

T.O. – Held without a catch against New Orleans today. Makes you wonder how long Buffalo will put up with a non producing drama queen. I mean it’s like dating a stupid hot girl. You can put up with it until the looks start to fade, but then having to explain to her why there are buffalo wings, but she never sees any of them flying gets kind of old. By the way, pretty sure that was the hat from Caddyshack that you get the free bowl of soup with.

Marc Bulger – Got knock out of a game for like the 12th season in a row.

Pierre Thomas – Wait, but he had a great game right? Yeah, well thanks for telling me you were going to do that Pierre, had you on my fantasy league bench. And yes it is all about me and my team.

Thought #1 – Peyton Manning is better at real football than 99% of us are at Madden football. In fact last night dude threw for over 300 yards is less time than the average game of Madden takes. The Colts had the ball for 14 minutes and 53 seconds and dropped 27 points on the Dolphins. Now granted the Dolphins played well, very well, but in the end they simply remember they are the Dolphins. Instead of pushing for a first down with a little over 3 minutes remaining in the game, they played it safe and ran the ball to line it up for three. Now if you have 30 seconds to go, that’s a good play and maybe if you’re play the Bucs, or Raiders, or Redskins, that’s a good play. But you are playing a guy who is about to pass Johnny U in all time wins and you just gave him the ball and 3 minutes. And what happened? Well this played out just like the video game would have predicted. You know how you have that one friend who is gamer dork? Or that one guy who lived down the hall in college that no one could ever beat? you know this guy, his sole sense of pride came from gaming, he rocks the xbox logo on his Scion XB, doctors up his controllers, and strongly considering getting a Legend of Zelda tat. Well this game was like that one magical time you almost beat him at Tecmo Bowl. Think about it, you have the ball, tie game and you think; I’ll just go for 3 and pray that clock flies. And of course you know what happened. Dude got the ball, you got nervous, started trying and sack him, pressed too many buttons just as he threw the ball which accidentally switched you to the cornerback covering his best reciever. He randomly dives off the screen, your buddy walks into the end zone and celebrates by pounded 3 straight packs of Pokemon fruit snacks and cans of some obnoxious new flavor of Mountain Dew. That was last night… only a billzillion times cooler and there were girls there.

Thought #2 – So apparently Colt McCoy ate some 3rd grader’s lunch during halftime of the Texas/Texas Tech game this weekend. McCoy, who was feeling a bit of the flu bug, reported through down PB&Js and grade pedialyte during the intermission. In a world filled with all sorts of Lance Armstrong endorsed energy products, ol Colt simply laughs in the face of Brady Quinn and his $5 milkshakes and breaks out the soup thermas. Btw, did your mom ever actually try to pack you soup in that thing? And if so did you ever try to eat it out of the cap like it was made for? One of the most impossible tasks ever. Worse than soup though was the time my mom decided to mix in some raviolli in that beast. Yeah, try trying to trade up at lunch when all you got to offer is some generic luke warm pasta covered in ketchup, what an awful day. Anywho, apparently Colt’s mom hooked him up the legit way, because the dude went out second half and went 15-18 attempts passing. Next week he’s hoping mom mixes in some zebra cakes so he can trade teammate Jordan Shipley for his fruit gushers.

Thought #3- The richest guy in Russia has just made a bid to buy the New Jersey Nets. Mikhail Prokhorvo, a former nickel mining baron, made this official today on his blog. The sad thing is, I think the NBA is actually considering doing this. Hello, did you not see Rocky IV? We all know what happens when the Russians get involved running sports. I mean can you imagine when guys in suits start showing up outside Lebron’s house, suddenly D-Wade comes down with a mysterious case of the bird flu, and the brakes in KG’s Lexus are suddenly gone? Better yet, what about when Brook Lopez and Devin Harris show up on game day having gained 20 lbs of muscle over night and all hopped up on riods and vodka? Never mind, this could be awesome. I just hope they stick Keyon Dooling on that crazy stair climber machine and constantly gauge how hard Josh Boone can punch with that computer punching bag. Memo to the rest of the league: start training in a barn or you have no chance this year.

Thought #4 – It is becoming more and more likely you and I could be watching a New York/New York Super Bowl. Now I’m still standing by my pick of the Colts, but heck if Rex Ryan doesn’t have the Jets’ D blowing up the league right now. On the other side, Eli sure isn’t missing Plax after killing it Sunday with Steve Smith and Manningham, which I’m sure eases Plax’s mind as he slips into his lace-less shoes and jumps in line for corn pudding this afternoon. Just warning ya, it could very easily happen.

Thought #5 – Someone please tell Golden Tate that tubas cost like 3 grand each, so diving into a pile of them is always a horrible idea. Props though to the MSU band for completely blowing him off and letting him crash unlike the Green Bay fans who embraced Chad 8-5 when he leaped into the stands on Sunday. This proves the something I’ve long believed; there are far to many people in this world willing to give up their own team pride and self respect to get 5 seconds of themselves on TV acting like a jackass.

Thought #6 – It’s official, I’m starting up the Back Porch podcast. Thoughts and suggestions are very welcome?

Thought #1 – One of the things I love about sports is how 2 hours of sucking can be completely covered up by 2 minutes of awesomeness. This was never more evident than in Va. Tech’s last second win yesterday. Make no mistake about, it was an awful game.  For the better part of 3 hours Brian Stinespring proved, yet again, he has the uncanny ability to stop any offense in the country. Tyrod Taylor spent most of the second half looking like a high school basketball player that someone talked into trying out for the football team, while Nebraska put on a sweet field goal kicking show. That all changed in about a minute and a half. I’m not sure how this happened, but something just clicked, Taylor hooked up while Coale, taking the ball down to the 3. Then after a brief 2 play return of the basketball player, which lost Tech 8 yards, Taylor found Roberts in the end zone to steal the victory. It was awesome and I have no idea how it happened, but thats the great thing about sports, I don’t care how it happened,  just that it did. I will say this, Tyrod didn’t win that game for Tech, neither did Roberts. What won that game was the fact that Tech was able to save all three of it’s timeouts until the end of the game and the defense was able to suck it up when it counted. They forced the Huskers to take 3 instead of 7 over and over again and the 3 and out at the end of the game was one of the biggest stands in Tech history. It was a great day in Blacksburg, eventually, but also a day the Hokies need to learn a lot from.

Thought #2 – The more people like the you, the more freedom you have to randomly babble in a forceful rant and people will consider you a brilliant leader. Yesterday I saw the Tim Tebow rant about 1,000 times and each time I left thinking, what the crap does “we have 30 minutes for the rest of our lives” even mean? I mean seriously, I get that you are the leader Timmy and you just want to fire your boys up, but that doesn’t mean you can just go Bernie Mac on everybody. (too soon?) “We have 30 mintues for the rest of our lives, Captain Crunch, monkey bars, lets ride dinosaurs and moon pies cause the price is right!” I yell that, you call me a jackass, Timbo does it, he’s a folk hero.

Thought #3 – Pete Carrol loses to crappy teams, fact. I’m not sure why but the guy just can’t seem to get his boys up for the smaller games. Is it his laid back attitude or is the kick back from a non nationally televised game just not big enough to spread the coin around in the locker room? I mean let’s be honest, one week a flat screen shows up in your locker, the next all you get is the first season of “Bones” and not even on Blue Ray. That’s got to be deflating.

Thought#4 – Florida State, thank you. You just saved me from hearing chatter all winter about how BYU should be in a BCS game. I know we all think that if this keeps happening with smaller schools that eventually we will get that long coveted playoff system, but who are we kidding? We aren’t getting that, and though its a cute story, no one this side of the Mormon tabernacle really wants to see BYU play after New Year’s Day.

Thought #5 – Delonte West was arrested Thursday night on weapons charge after being pulled over for speeding on his motorcycle. West had two loaded handguns and a loaded shotgun, hidden in a guitar case when he was arrested. Where the crap were you headed Delonte, the Thunderdome? Listen unless you are off to protect John Conner from the new Terminator with the liquid metal thingy going on, you have no business being that loaded. i just hope and pray you were also wearing a leather jacket with a lot of zippers and possible swing an old rusty chain.

Ok, quick thoughts on the NFL.

#1 – If your name is Jay or Jake, you better tighten up the jock today and play ball. This should be much easier for Jake, he’s got better weapons around him and is facing ATL not Pitt. Jay, man if I was you, I would just hand the ball to Forte and occasionally try and find Olsen in the flats.if you try and do much more than that I fear you are going to have to stay away from Wrigleyville for a while.

#2 – The Jets sure are a fun team. Rex Ryan is exactly what I would draw if I was making a cartoon coach character. He’s loud, big, and doesn’t care what you think. With Welker out, expect the Jets to blitz like crazy, which could effect old Brady and his ginger knee.

#3- Jerry Jones has tricked 100,000 people into paying him to watch his giant T.V. That place is crazy. Where the players enter reminds me of the old set from WCW Nitro. I just hope the boys come out to Smells like Teen Spirit Diamond Dallas Page style, Romo rocks the Ric Flair feathered robe, which would obviously mean Wade Phillips will come out to Dusty Rhodes’ American Dream. I mean he is a common man right? Man I miss the Nitro girls.

#2 –