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Thought #1 – Tom Cable is a man of his word, at least according to Randy Hanson’s account he is. Hanson has broken his silence and begun to share the details of his WWE esque encounter with the Raiders’ head coach. These details include Cable blindsiding Hanson, throwing him into some furniture, breaking his jaw, and threatening to “bleeping” kill him. Now Hanson’s not dead, but it should be pointed out that Cable never said when he would kill Hanson, just that he would, and francablekly, I believe him. I  mean have you ever seen a picture of this guy? He’s the type of guy that probably had a mustache in the 4th grade. You remember that kid, he was scary, he wore black jeans and ate those generic gas station meat sticks for lunch everyday. Rumor was he spent his free time burning stuffed animals and torturing baby birds. Now you didn’t dare cross this kid, and Hanson shouldn’t have dare crossed Cable, just ask his jaw how that worked out for him. As for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, he is laying low on this one for now, claiming to want the investigation to be completed before he acts. That’s smart Roger. Heck, maybe by the time they figure out what actually happened the Raiders will have been demoted to the defunked NFL Europe and it won’t even be your problem. As for Cable, he wants to let the legal process play out and claims this will not be a distraction to the team. I believe that. I believe the Raiders can suck just like normal regardless of all the media frenzy.

Thought #2 – The LSU-Florida game was not as close as the score showed. Watching that game you never had the thought that LSU was ever really in it, which shouldn’t surprise us, they were a little over ranked anyway. This does provide Florida with a straight shot at being undefeated by the time the SEC Championship game comes around. They only play one more ranked opponent before then, South Carolina at #25, and who knows if they will still be ranked by then.

Thought #3- I think the Tim Tebow concussion crap was completely over played. I get that concussions are serious, but I’m pretty sure they knew he was going to be good to go about mid week but wanted to play a little cat and mouse with LSU. The dude played a good game and the only real question about Timmy’s head was exactly how he keep his hair standing straight up like that. I mean everybody else gets a sweet case of helmet hair after a game while Timmy can still rock the perfectly angled flat top, how is this?

Thought #4 – Today’s games:

Can’t wait to see if the Broncos are for real today against the Pats. So far they have been this year’s version of the Cardinals, but their only really test has been against the luke warm Cowboys. Fred Taylor, who has helped overhaul New England’s run game is out, so that could benefit Denver, who barely gives up run yards anyway. This does make me wonder; what ever happened to Laurence Maroney?

49ers – Falcons should be a fun game. Both of these teams are probably better than most of us give them credit for.

In the battle of crappy teams Travis likes, the Panthers will have a chance to right their season against an awful Redskins team, who only have wins thanks to playing the division 3 squads of the Rams and Bucs so far this year.

That Colts-Titans game looked a lot better on paper in August than it looks tonight. The Titans defense has really fallen off the map this year and Kerry Collins is on his last few miles of tread I believe. Indy will roll on them and Peyton, well Peyton will be Peyton.

Thought #5: As I watch the Redskins blow another game to a team that has gone winless thus far this season I’m wondering; why do I always end up pulling for you Washington? You’re like that girl, who is completely unstable and slightly crazy, but yet is always willing to hang out when I’m bored. So I spend some time with you, tricking myself into thinking you’ll be fun this time and won’t be a waste of a Sunday afternoon. For a while things go well, we’re hanging out laughing and having a good time, looks like a winner. But then it happens, you start taking about your past and your alcoholic ex-boyfriend comes up. One step at a time the frustration builds and you start to lose control. It’s like I’m watching a slow motion train wreck and there is nothing I can do to stop it. The wheels come off, the tears start to flow, and I instantly become furious with myself for spending this time with you, rather than alone playing Madden. You are that girl Washington and yet I’ll probably see you again next weekend.

A look back at the week and a look ahead. Take a listen and drop your thoughts!

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Hmm, see if you can find this week’s magical Travis error.

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Thought #1 – Chicago should be very thankful they got passed up for the 2016 Olympics. I mean did you really want to have to deal with all the construction, traffic, and confused foreigners that go along with hosting the event? Would it really be worth all that time and money just to have a chance to watch sweet Rhythmic Gymnastics or Badminton in person? Let’s be honest with ourselves at this point the Olympics are kind of like that yearly  family reunion. You know when you were a kid it was fun, you hung out with your cousins, played whiffle ball, and pounded tomato sandwiches like it was your job. Now you still go because you think you should, kind of sit around, talk about who is doing what, kind of poke around at the “new” casserole recipe your grandma saw on the cooking network (which actually just looks like noodles and mayonnaise), and then start the countdown in your mind as to when you can officially make your exit without seeming like a jerk. That’s the Olympics today. We all feel compelled to turn on the t.v., watch a few events, drink coke from the special multi-national coke bottle, and try to talk ourselves into caring about how we do as a country. But let’s be honest, that mental countdown is rolling the whole time and we secretly can’t wait until we no longer have to sit through swimming highlights on Sports Center just to catch the baseball scores. Now, just like that family reunion, we’re always going to show up, smile, maybe even take a few swings with the whiffle ball bat for old times sake, but the last thing you want to do is host that beast. The last thing you want is to have to sit and wait for that one uncle with no sense of time to finally stop rambling about how much Jimmy Dean sausage has changed since he was a kid and go home. Yeah, like I said, you’re welcome Chicago.

Thought #2 – All the people who think there was a conspiracy against the U.S. need to go look at some pictures of Rio in the summer and compare them with Chicago. I love Chicago, but seriously just compare them.

Thought #3 – So, how do you get a professional football team pumped up for a big game? Well if you’re Rex Ryan you show the most gruesome clips from UFC fights you can find and then make references to wearing down Drew Brees. Awesome, I can’t wait to watch this game. Somebodies going to get cauliflower ear, I can feel it.

Thought #4 – Despite what looked like a slow College football day on paper yesterday, there were a few really good games.  LSU-GA was classic, Mich and Mich St. was nice, Miami surprised me with their defense really stepping up against Oklahoma, and on a personal level, Va. Tech finally woke up towards the end of their game, realized they were playing Duke, and went on to disappoint the tens of fans who were their hoping for an upset. Oh, and Notre Dame barely beat another unranked team and was treated as if it was the biggest win of the weekend by the media. I love Rudy, but I hate the Irish.

Today’s Picks: Jets over Saints, Ravens over Pats, Denver over Dallas, and Pitt over San Diego. Washington and Tennessee both really need wins, not sure either will get them and I think the Lions will put up a decent fight against the Bears. Should be a good day.

More later…..


Even though the Ravens lost, I find myself really like Joe Flacco. Not because he’s turning into a stud quarterback, which he is, but because he reminds me of Shane Falco, which reminds me of Orlando Jones, which reminds me of those sweet 7-Up commercials. Thank you Joe Flacco, thank you.

erin-andrewsThought #1 – Earlier today it was reported that ESPN’s Erin Andrews has a stalker and the police know who it is. Now hold on, breathe easy fellas, they already caught the guy.  If you just went into panic mode wondering if the feds are onto your paper trail of Axe sprayed love letters you’ve been sending over the past 5 years, I apologize for the scare. But seriously, is there a better dream girl than Erin? I mean she is absolutely smoking and a college football reporter. I mean unless the character from “My Boys” comes to life (which by the way, is a pretty decent show even if it is a TBS production.) I’m pretty sure unless she comes to life, Erin is the full embodiment of the sports’ fan’s dream girl. Now I’m not saying it’s cool to start trailing her around town with binoculars and a high powered camera. Or to start randomly showing up at hotels where she is staying and leaving little stuffed mascots and musical Hallmark cards outside her door. Just be careful guys, its a slippery slope from cute love sick guy to creepyster hide in the bushes outside your window at nice stalker guy.

Thought #2 – For all the ladies who think it’s ridiculous for us to all drool over Erin, you do the same crap with Kirk Herbstreit, just with less Axe.

Thought #3 – Is there  cooler trophy than the Paul Bunyan Axe the winner of the Wisconsin vs. Minnesota game gets? That thing is massive. More games need cool trophies. The Axe is awesome and far superior to the cheese and fruit tray the winner of the UVA-UNC game will receive.

Thought #4 – By now you’ve probably heard all the disgusting stories of how workers at the cryonics clinic in Arizona played baseball with the frozen head of Ted Williams. The workers apparently took a wrench to Ted’s head, which was removed from his body. Absolutely one of the most horrible things I’ve ever heard of. What kind of people do this? Then again what kind of people get jobs at a facility in the desert, with the intent of freezing bodies to bring back to life in the future? And after you have that job, how do you ever apply for a normal job. How do you explain to a potential employer that you left your last job because you failed to bring the dead back to life?  Also, whose paying for all this crap? And why isn’t that money going to something more sensible, like umm the living? Listen,  I’m not sure exactly how Hell works, but I’ve got to think there is a special room there for people who go Saw on dead bodies.  Until then, I really hope Ted Williams’ ghost haunted the crap out of these people.

Thought #5 – LSU over GA, Ok over Miami, could be a very long day for Harris and Landry could go off. Also, USC will step it up against Cal I believe. I would hope otherwise but they already had their token in conference lose.

Thought #6 – Are there any better names for Quarterbacks that play in the state of Oklahoma or Texas than Colt, Sam, and Landry? You give your kid a name like that, and they almost have to live up to it. I’m sure it started when they were young too, you show up at the first day of pee wee with a name like that and you’re getting the red jersey. Meanwhile if you have any sort of hyphen in your name, you know, Jimmy-John, Billy-Bob, John-Henry, you’d better be good at two things, eating and blocking. Of course if your name sounds foreign at all, they are probably just going to hand you the kicking tee, sorry. But hey, you’ll probably get to go home early.

Miami is apparently now a state! Opps.


Extra thoughts.

#1- It’s probably for the best that Vick’s shoes aren’t getting made. I’m be informed it’s far too soon to start making jokes about whether or not they will have laces, or if they will have his name and inmate number hidden somewhere on them, or if can we can get ankle straps that look like cuffs on the high top version. Just too soon.

By the way. Need your thoughts: Best Athlete endorsed shoe ever and worst.


#2- Big Baby loves Shaq, fact. Big Baby is taking MMA classes, fact. Therefore is it reasonable to expect Sega to produce a Big Baby-Fu game? Please say yes.

Thought #1- I’ve always thought if you are going to get a tattoo, you’d best have a sweet story to go with it. You know, spend solid couple of minutes explaining your ink rather than being like guy that’s like, “uh, Fords rule, Chevy sucks! H-yeah that’s why I got Calvin pisses on em.” Or maybe worse that sorority girl who picks a random butterfly off those sketchy display cdeshawn.generalcontentmap.0006.Imageharts, gets it putt on her side and spends the next 4 years watching it grow into a blurry mess that resembling some sort of flying saucer. Deshawn Stevenson is right there with me on this and his new tat has a great story, its call the Civil War. Deshawn broke out the Abe Lincoln neck tattoo this week at one of the preseason press conferences. As far as ink goes, that’s a pretty tough act to follow. I guess if Lebron drops a Teddy Roosevelt on his calve, or AI gets a scenic Jefferson standing in front of Monticello across his back, that could give it a run, but so far Deshawn’s got this award on lock down.

Thought #2- There three things that I will never buy into no matter how much T.V. tries to convince me I should. Snuggies, The Tyler Perry Show, and the WNBA. Apparently I’m not alone in the latter. Last night Phoenix beat Indiana in game one of the WNBA finals, not really that important. What is important is that only 7,200 people attending that game, which normally wouldn’t be horrible except for the fact that Steve Kerr purchased and tried to give away 7,000 tickets on his own. I mean really, you can’t even give away a ticket to this game on a random Tuesday night. People are like, ah exciting basketball below the rim or catch up on whatever new awful series TNT is producing tonight. Hmm, well I do love Zach Morris, looks like Raising the Bar is getting a few new fans for the night. I’m just saying, it’s been well over 10 years now and this hasn’t caught on, might be time to cut bait and save a little on the light bill.

Thought #3 – I hope Obama fails to get the Olympics to come to Chicago. Granted the city could grow from the money, but one of the other places the Olympics could be held is Rio, which seems like it would be sweet. Then, on the other hand, maybe the Olympic committee is fearing that. I mean do you choose to lay on the beach, listen to some Buffet, and throw back margaritas all day or go watch freestyle dancing. Hmm, decisions decisions.

Thought #4 – Tim Tebow is reportedly looking good in his recovery efforts. He said this is the first time he remembers getting a concision, but then again how much can you trust the memory of a guy whose brain was so scrambled a few days ago he was telling people he wanted to be a dump truck when he grows up. Get well soon Timbo.

Thought #5 – Podcast #2. Planning on tomorrow night, which should give you something fun to do at work on Friday. Suggestions/thoughts/feedback welcome as always.

Thought#6 – Vick is not only back on the field, but he is also back with Nike. Sweet! Can I expect another sweet pair of cross-trainers? You know the kind that at first you think are really awesome and after about a week you realize unless you’re 10, there really aren’t that many places you can wear a pair of high tops with turf cleats and red and yellow lightning bolts down the sides. With that said, I can’t wait to get my pair.

herschel walkerThought #1 – Lots of retired players take up second careers. Some sell cars, some coach, and plenty try to do some form of T.V., whether it be sports related or just horrible sit-coms. *cough cough Micheal Strahan . Herschel Walker has decided to spend his golden years rolling around with other equally scary men and getting cauliflower ear. That’s right, Walker at the age of 47 is joining the UFC. While I’m not sure why he’s doing this, I am sure every time you see him for the next few years he’ll be rocking one of those hideous UFC tees with that crazy sideways print. Herschel’s always been an unconventional athlete, but jumping into the octagon with Kimbo Slice might be a bit much.

Thought#2 – Tweeter is apparently the new crack. Rex Ryan benched WR and yearly fantasy league sleeper David Clowney after he tweeted that he was slightly upset with his playing time but really happy with the team’s win. Ryan’s pretty old school so I’m not sure if he was offended by what Clowney said, or just scared by the new technology entering the locker room. I hear he might ban digital cameras this week for the fear that they suck in peoples souls. Seriously though, Rex you keep winning, and you can do whatever you want.

On the college side Texas Tech coach Mike Leach has completely banned his players from even having tweeter accounts. This after he found out that Marion Williams tweeted that Leach wasn’t present at a team meeting. Not smart dude. It’s one thing to tweet about sitting on your couch, what you’re cooking for dinner, or which Laguna Beach chick you think is hottest,  but you can’t rag on your head coach. Leach thinks tweeter and facebook  are “stupid” and insists if his players need attention he has plenty of graduate assistants that will sit and listen to them talk. I really hope Marion takes him up on this. Can’t you just see some poor G.A. trailing him around campus like one of those little “fun” guys from the Dave and Buster commercials, trying to jot down notes of, “Marion is walking to class.” Marion is eating popcorn chicken.” “Marion thinks ketchup and mayonnaise should come premixed in a combination called ketchupise.” It might be rough to be a player on a team with a coach that strict, but it’s got to be far worse to be a G.A. for him.

Thought #3 – The Angels officially made the playoffs last night and went nuts, as do many teams, turning the locker room into a frat house. That actually seemed kind of normal for baseball, but what seemed off was their attempt to honor the lose of teammate Nick Adenhart at the same time. I talked with the local sports radio host here and he referred to it as seeming weird to him and I completely agree. I mean it was pretty creepy and kind of left me in one of those nervous laughter type moods. I mean here is a reporter trying to interview a guy about his fallen teammate and halfway through the conversation he’s like,” umm yeah we really miss him, but I gotta run….keg stand wooo!!! It was just odd.

Thought#4- Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson has officially told the police that Tom Cable did in fact break his jaw. The good new for the Raiders is that they are still cutting checks to the guy even though hes banned from having anything to do with the team, which is pretty consistent with their policy of paying people for doing absolutely nothing productive. Wonder if they can strike this same deal with JaMarcus? I’m not sure how all this will pan out, but really hope HBO does “Hard Knocks” in Oakland next year.

Thought #1 – If there is one thing you didn’t want to be this weekend it was a quarterback in the state of Florida. Tampa’s Brian Leftwich was officially benched today meanwhile Miami’s Chad Pennington is most likely out for the season after wrecking his shoulder yesterday, although he will have a second opinion with the well known sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews. Kind of makes me wonder who he went to for the first opinion, some random intern at a Miami ER? I’m picturing Chad sitting in that waiting room, you know the one where ever chair has some sort of awkward stain on it, he’s sitting there staring at that token fish tank, trying to fight the urge to flip through Southern Living, just because it’s the only magazine that doesn’t look like a dog has chewed it up. At the same time he’s trying to avoid making eye contact with the extremely large lady and her extremely skinny husband whose hand is wrapped up thanks to an accident involving some combination of a weed eater, christmas lights, and beer. Yeah, a second opinion is a good call Chad.

On the college side, Tim Tebow got absolutely rocked in the 3rd quarter of the Kentucky game, leaving him able only to recite half of the book of Leviticus. Meanwhile the U’s Jecory Harris probably wishes he could use that excuse after only completing 9 passes and being sacked 3 times this weekend by the Hokies. Just a bad week to be under center in the sunshine state.

Thought #2 What Eric Mangini said, “Were going to start the guy who gives us the best chance to win.” What Eric Mangini meant, “Both these guys suck, I wish I had my old job as the film monkey for the Pats back.” Oh and by the way, Brady Quinn’s QB rating right now, 62.9. Might be time to spend less time on the ab rocker and more time watching film, just saying.

Thought #3 – T.O. kept it together yesterday…well for a while at least. After NBC’s Rodney Harrison referred to Owens as a clown, T.O. did what any real man does, he tweeted a very mean tweet. Check it out, he even used all those little tweeting grammar shortcuts 090928-terrell-owens-200nfl

“I could less about Rodney Harrison! Anybody tht using steroids, yes STEROIDS rodney, is a cheater & cheated the game!
Is tht Y u used steroids b/c u were worried about ur stats or ws it b/c u were losing it? Lol! U’re a loser & a cheater? Got any steroids I cn borrow? Hey rodney! Send me sum steroids 2 the Bills facility next week!”

As for Harrison, he’s planning an official response just as soon as he can find a 12 year old girl to translate the lingo for him.

Thought #4 – Carolina needs tonight far more than Dallas does. I believe the NFC South is going to be a way harder division to win than the NFC East this season. The Saints are blazing and Falcons are legit, that’s going to be very tough for the Panthers to compete with down the stretch. Meanwhile, other than the Giants, the NFC East doesn’t have a stud team. Sure the Eagles are good right now, but we all know  Westbrook and McNabb will randomly miss games all year, and you can’t play the Chiefs every week fellas. Likewise this is a far more crucial game for Jake Delhomme than Tony Romo.

Speaking of which, I need to quit typing and go watch the intros for the game. I’d hate to miss the smoked up entrance and I’m still hoping the WCW Nitro girls show up.

UPDATE: Tuesday Morning Quick Thoughts:

The Cowboys and the Panthers were both over hyped, and neither can win their division right now.

The Cowboys really miss having a legit #1 receiver and I really miss having Jessica Simpson to look at between plays rather than seeing Jerry Jones’s luxury box. Go pick up a U.S. weekly Tony and get to work picking out a new lady, preferably a brunette.

Either Colt McCoy or Sam Bradford should be living in Charlotte this time next year.